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Feedburner Takes Off All-Time Stats Without Notice?

Feedburner  Takes  Off  All-Time  Stats  Without Notice?

Did Google make a mistake in deciding to  take out Feedburner’s all-time stats  of  individual accounts? Or was it the decision of the Feedburner, acting independently of Google.  Feedburner was acquired by  Google last year. Prior to the acquisition,  premium services of Feedburner are on a paid subscribtion basis, until Google announced that along with the acquisition of Feedburner is a planned move to offer the premium services for free. After that acquisition nothing much has been heard about Feedburner.

Until know when pointed out that some valuable stats in his feeburner subscription for his site is no longer to be found. Specifically, the historical data is now only good for the last 30 days. Although some people might find this Feedburner  all-time statistics  of no use, still there are many bloggers who use this historical statistics to monitor RSS growth, milestone as well as decline.

If indeed the decision to take out the historical data was intentionally done without informing Feedburner users,  can we deduce that Google might be on its way to folding up Feedburner soon?

If you’re guess is the same as mine,  it is understandable on the part of Google,  since it already has Google Reader (Feed aggregation and reader)  and Google Analytics (for  monitoring site statistics).

But still, the point is Feedburner should have at least warned its loyal users.

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Feedburner  Takes  Off  All-Time  Stats  Without Notice?

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