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FactBites : The Results in Meaningful Sentences

Evolving algorithms, AI and computational linguistics, those are the credentials of Rapid Intelligence, the firm that provides us the search tool FactBites.

The search engine provides meaningful summaries for all the results of the search queries. These are not just sentence level matches but appear to be a result of contextual analysis too as visible in the contextually correct results.

Here’s a quote from

On their web site, Rapid Intelligence calls Factbites a search engine/encyclopedia hybrid. Unlike a regular search engine, the search results are presented as a summary of each web page, which you can read from beginning to end.

So what are the reasons to use FactBites ?

The User interface is clear and neat. The results are meaningful sentences and if you do a search on topics where you are looking for answers on topics you have no clue on, the engine provides good summaries so as to not having to leave the search page itself. From the website announcements, it seems that the engine sports a more updated database now.

Rapid Intelligence, the firm behind FactBites has also launched into other vertical search engine such as CompWisdom to search on Computer programming and internet and Financial Records that focuses business and finance. There’s a certain trend that is discernible in the search ventures of today, one is the rise of more vertical search engines. It might also bore well for engines to start out into niche domains and grow out into more generalized engines. Might just be the next wave to take upon the likes of Google and Yahoo. How do you feel the facts measure up for FactBite?

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FactBites : The Results in Meaningful Sentences

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