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Facebook Dominates All Other Websites in Third Quarter

Time Allocation of Internet Use

Time Allocation of Internet UseNielsen recently released its third quarter “State of the Media” report, which uncovers how Internet users interact with the Web and allocate their online time. This report reveals that Americans are now spending more time on social media sites and blogs than on online games, email, and video/movie viewing combined.

During the month of May, Americans spent around 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook. This astounding number amounts to over twice the time the same individuals spent on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined and indicates Facebook’s dominance as a brand.

Not only is the time Americans spend on Facebook trending upwards, but the percentage of the population that utilizes the service is growing as well. In fact, approximately 80% of all active U.S. Internet users are visiting social media sites and over 40% of those individuals are now accessing the sites via their mobile phone.

With approximately one quarter of Americans’ overall Internet time now being allocated to social media and blogs, it is clear that an effective marketing strategy must fully incorporate social media and a thorough understanding of the target audience. In order for social media to be effective, the business must understand how its customers share and use content and leverage this knowledge appropriately.

The following quote from the Nielsen report highlights the escalating importance of social media for business:

“Whether it’s a brand icon inviting consumers to connect with a company on LinkedIn, a news ticker promoting an anchor’s Twitter handle or an advertisement asking a consumer to “Like” a product on Facebook, people are constantly being driven to social media.”

Although the data related to the percentages of Internet users and the amount of time spent on social networking sites is persuasive, each brand should thoroughly evaluate its needs and the market niche prior to finalizing their social media advertising strategy.

[Sources Include: Nielsen]

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Facebook Dominates All Other Websites in Third Quarter

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