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Facebook Top Search Term 2009, Google Top Visited Site

Experian Hitwise has just released two significant data of 2009 – top-search term and top-visited site with Facebook and Google earning the top spot respectively. Facebook beats dislodged last years top-searched term – MySpace. While Google obviously retained its last year’s position.

Moving from last year’s 10th spot, Facebook accounted for 2.48% of the top 300 searches in 2009.  Including other variations of searches related to Facebok such as, facebook login and others will amount to 1.09% of the top 300 searches.

Following Facebook are MySpace with 1.02% of the searches, Yahoo with 0.95%, Google with 0.63% and Craiglist with 0.62% of the top 300 searches.

In the Top-Visited Site category Google is again on the top spot for the second straight year. Google accounts for 6.70% of all U.S. visits from January to November 2009. Following Google is Yahoo mail with 4.44% of visits, Facebook with 4.26%, Yahoo (the main portal) with 3.36% and MySpace with 3% of the U.S. visits for 2009.

Interestingly, Yahoo Mail remains to be one of Yahoo’s stronghold, which remained as the no. 2 most visited site since 2008. This only goes to show that its mail service is still the most used product on Yahoo, even beating Gmail, and Windows Live Mail.

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Facebook Top Search Term 2009, Google Top Visited Site

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