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Facebook to Change “Become a Fan” Button to “Like” on Fan Pages

Facebook will soon be changing the “Become a Fan” button that you see on Fan Pages to the more universal “Like” button. According to the site Clickz, Facebook has started sending confidential email to ad agencies informing them that the “Become a Fan” button which functions as a subscription/membership button  to fan pages will be changed to “Like” button within the next few weeks.

And what could be the reason for the upcoming change?  Unfortunately,  no specific details were divulged yet from the email sent to ad agencies. Facebook just wanted to give them advance notices as this might affect their advertising campaigns or Facebook strategy. This is particularly so since Facebook is recommending that ad agencies start using the phrase – “Find us on Facebook”  or “Like us on Facebook” instead of  the current “Became a fan.”

In addition, the email also explained that the new “Like” button will be different from the current “Like” button that Facebook users click whenever they like particular updates of their friends.

Facebook believes that by changing the “Become a Fan” button to “Like”  will increase engagement between consumers and brands as it offers a simple, consistent way for Facebook users to connect with the things they are interested in. Facebook did some research and found out the users are more likely to “Like” something instead of becoming a fan.

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Facebook to Change “Become a Fan” Button to “Like” on Fan Pages

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