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Facebook Pages to Redesign : Good for the Advertiser?

Facebook Pages are a free way for companies, organizations and fan groups to set up a page within Facebook to share information and connect with others who enjoy or follow the same brands, blogs or politicians. Here at Search Engine Journal, we’ve covered the importance of developing a Facebook Page and compared Facebook Pages to Facebook Groups.

Facebook Pages are free to set up and then businesses can run Facebook Ads to promote the fan pages to targeted users and demographics. According to TechCrunch, a new change is coming to Facebook Pages which will add more interactivity and new default views which are more streamlined and less customized.

From TechCrunch :

Look for a much more streamlined look to Facebook Pages next week though, with a multitab interface very similar to what Facebook launched to users in 2008. The default view will show the Wall (which may include negative comments unless they are routinely deleted). All the custom apps will be pushed to a second Boxes tab. The Pages will also likely mirror the look of normal user profiles, with an image in the top left corner, etc.

Do you currently include Facebook Pages in your social media and branding campaigns? How is it working for you?

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Facebook Pages to Redesign : Good for the Advertiser?

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