Facebook Pages Feed: What Does It Mean for Page Owners?

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If you haven’t noticed already, Facebook has implemented the shiny new ‘Pages Feed.’ If you don’t see it right now, you will shortly, the network began November 15th rolling it out globally. This new section within Facebook now allows the user to see only posts of certain brands they follow, thus making the main news feed a little bit easier to see status updates from friends.

In order to see the ‘Facebook Pages Feed,’ simply look to the left hand side of your news feed.

post image Facebook Pages Feed and What Does It Mean for Page Owners

What does this means for page owners, and what will make the regular Facebook consumer (that is not into promoting a brand on Facebook) click on the ‘Pages Feed?’

I imagine what has always been the case is that posts with a higher overall engagement rate will get most of the attention, thus making it harder for the brand page owner to just place any type of content up, will also be applicable here. Whether you are a small business owner or a larger corporation, posting educational, fun, interesting content, helping your audience in some way will (and should always be) your top priority, and in doing that, should consequently glean the attention and engagement that is appropriate.

As marketers we must always think ‘How can we solve our customer’s problems?’ ‘What do our clients and potential clients want to read about?’ Talking about customers, instead of talking about your business, your brand, is a sure way to start gaining engagement on your Facebook page.

How do I do this? Working in the health and wellness vertical, I do my best to entertain the consumer with content, news articles and images that I would want to read. Despite the recent Facebook algorithm changes, images STILL get the highest form of engagement. This doesn’t mean to go out and start spamming your audience by posting images on your Facebook page, but rather find information that is visually pleasing that’s related to your vertical that they would like to see.

One method that has worked for me is finding a vivid image, post with a quick health tip on the image, then ask the audience for their opinion.

What do you think of the new Facebook Pages Feed and what ways do you engage your audience on Facebook?

Victoria Edwards
Victoria Edwards has been working in SEO and Social Media for eight years and currently works for GuideWell, a health and wellness e-commerce startup, based... Read Full Bio
Victoria Edwards
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  • Hi Victoria

    Have noticed the Page Feed before and never looked at it – but I think you are right. If a particular company page has a bigger following its a good chance that they will benefit more from the Page Feed.

    Perhaps its also an attempt for Facebook Pages to be as useable as full websites – where one can add as many page as they want?

  • Well, i saw it on my wall about two weeks ago. While it is good that people will be able to see stuff from their friends on their wall without any interruption since pages feed will have all the brands stuff there. Though what i am seeing is that my personal news feed wall still shows page’s feed and on the other hand pages feed also shows content from pages. This means, for right now, page feeds are displayed in both news and pages feed which is at some extent weird.

    I also heard and felt about decrease in image post and we actually shifted our focus on text and text link posts to attract more engagement. Thanks to you for mentioning that image posts still get higher attention. I will re-experiment with image posts to see how it goes for me.

    Another point: Do you think that in future, pages too will have (or should have) this Pages feed where news and content from the pages will be displayed? (Since page itself can like other pages).

    [Also, i would like to draw your kind attention to a typo in the article: If you go to :”How do I do this?.. ” para, and point your mouse over text ” the highest form of engagement” , you will notice a mailto: link which is absolutely wrong, it should be ahref link since it targets another page url. ]

  • Tinku Pandey

    Does it mean all the updates that I update in facebook company page will be shown to users who deliberately click Pages Feed button?? Will their usual News Feed NOT contain any updates from the brands that they follow like my page for example?