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Facebook Introduces New Tool for Measuring Effectiveness of Facebook Ads

Facebook has introduced a new tool, called Creative Compass, which is designed to help businesses measure the impact of Facebook ads.

Creative Compass will evaluate ad creative by looking at key elements and ranking them on a scale from low impact to high impact.

Some examples of the aspects of an ad that will be evaluated include:

  • Noticeability
  • Brand association
  • Brand fit
  • Message comprehension
  • Believability
  • Information content
  • Emotional reward
  • Call to action

Above all, Facebook’s Creative Compass tool will help businesses understand how likely it is that their target audience will take action after seeing an ad.

This tool is currently being tested with select partners. Facebook plans to make it available to all marketing partners in 2019.

Expanding the Facebook Marketing Partners Program

Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) are companies that have been vetted by Facebook itself for their proficiency in delivering results for clients.

The FMP program will be expanded in 2019 to include smaller agencies that previously wouldn’t have qualified to become official marketing partners

This pilot will be called Facebook PRO and is designed to fulfill the marketing needs of small and medium advertisers.

Introducing Facebook Marketing Consultants

Facebook is introducing a new program for individuals and qualified professionals which is similar to FMPs.

The Facebook Marketing Consultants program, currently in testing, connects advertisers with vetted professionals.

This new program is designed to fulfill the demand for implementation of marketing technology services such as pixel deployments, product catalog setup, and dynamic ads campaign setup.

Facebook is currently welcoming qualified applicants in select countries at

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Facebook Introduces New Tool for Measuring Effectiveness of Facebook Ads

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