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Facebook Integrates and Endorses Microsoft Live Search, Officially

Although this partnership has been announced as early as July this year, it is only now that Facebook is officially introducing or in a more industry standard term, leveraging on Microsoft’s Live Search engine. The Facebook blog has officially introduced the new feature as if it is something for us to get excited about.

According to the Facebook Blog post:

We’re always working on innovative ways to make your experience on Facebook more useful. Toward that goal, today we’ve added Microsoft Live Search to your Facebook search experience (for people in the US). This is the first step in giving you the ability to find content from across the web while using Facebook.

Sounds exciting? Well, maybe for some Facebook users who are so into Facebook that they’ve depended on the social network for all their online needs. Come to think of it, some Facebook users may actually find this “innovative” search feature on Facebook interesting, albeit useful.

Here’s an example of how useful this Live Search-Facebook integration would be for users,  who still don’t know the relevance of having this Search Box on Facebook. According the Facebook blog:

By integrating web search into Facebook, you can increase the information available to share with your friends, family and coworkers on the site. For example, your friend may invite you to an event at a new restaurant. Without leaving Facebook, you can check out the details of the restaurant on the web. Or, say you see photos in your News Feed about a friend’s recent trip to Dubai. Inspired, you can search the web for more information about travel without having to leave Facebook. Along with your search results, you may also begin to see ads for products, services or other things that are relevant to your query.

Even more exciting? Well, you can either start using the Live Search on Facebook now for all your online searching needs or you can simply ignore this new feature and pretend that it doesn’t exist on Facebook, and still use Google search for your online information scavenging activities.

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Facebook Integrates and Endorses Microsoft Live Search, Officially

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