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Facebook Expands Options for “Promote” Button

Facebook Promo

Facebook recently introduced new audience options through its “Promote” button on page posts. This new options allow a page owner to whether reach their existing fans only or both fans and their friends.

How Promoted Posts Work

In order to promote a post, page owners must click the Promote button below their content. They will then set a budget, as well as see the duration of the campaign and how they will be billed. Although page owners cannot change the date and time of their campaign’s run, they can pause and restart it manually.

Page owners can simply click Save when they’re done. The social network’s ad team will review the promoted post before starting to get paid distribution.

Promote Now and Then

Prior to this, page owners who clicked the Promote button would see a message that says “Get more people who Like your page to see this post.” Based on the network’s Help Center, Promoted Posts would be seen by a larger percentage of users who interact with their posts.

Now, the social network made this clear by offering the audience option, as well as enabling page owners to pay for reach that is higher than their total fan count.

Promoted Posts make it easier for page owners to create an ad straight from their status updates. This is helpful for pages that aim to expand the reach of their content, rather than increase the number of users who will Like their page.

Paying for Promoted Posts

Furthermore, page owners don’t have the option to choose demographic or interest targeting from the Promoted Posts module. However, the use of Post Targeting Option when they create a post also applies to the paid campaign.

When pages pay for Promoted Posts, fans will see it on their News Feed with a “Sponsored” label. When a user Like, Share or commented on it, it will be displayed on his or her friends’ News Feed. In addition, page owners who select “People who like your page and their friends” as their audience for Promoted Posts will be able to see two separate ads within the ad dashboard’s campaign.


Promoted Posts are done on a cost per impression basis, while the cost per reached fan depends on the page. In relation to this, Facebook declined to reveal the factors that may influence its price. This feature started at the end of April and rolled out to all pages with 400-1,000 likes in May.

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Facebook Expands Options for “Promote” Button

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