Facebook Down and Out: DNS Changes Cause Worldwide Outage

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Facebook Down and Out: DNS Changes Cause Worldwide Outage

Facebook fell flat on its face last night when the site became inaccessible to vast numbers of users across the net, just hours after Google had pulled off a similar trick.

While Google’s outage early on Monday morning stole most of the headlines, with furious business people taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, those hoping to make the most of the downtime by doing a little ‘social surfing’ during office hours may have been sorely disappointed. Just hours after Google’s blackout, Facebook suffered a similar outage that meant large numbers of users were left facing the daunting prospect of having to eat their dinner or actually go somewhere without being able to share pictures of it with their friends.

Cue a sudden spate of Twitter trends mentioning “productivity”, and “the Mayans” among many others.

Facebook reportedly went down at 5.45pm EST, apparently due to the social media site making changes to its DNS infrastructure. According a spokesperson, speaking to Mashable:

“That change resulted in some people being temporarily unable to reach the site. We detected and resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100 percent. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Even now, while Facebook seems to be working normally for me (in Thailand), the website Downforeveryoneorjustme.com still reports that the site is having “possible service trouble”, almost 10 hours after the outage was first reported. Hours earlier, the site carried the message “Huh? http://facebook.com doesn’t look like a site on the interwho.” Curious…

Facebook’s current status, according to downrightnow.com

Mashable continued that the nature of the outage seemed to be rather sporadic, with users from across nations as far flung as the UK, Brazil, Italy and Indonesia all reporting difficulty in accessing the site, whilst others said that they had no problems at all. The mobile version of the site m.facebook.com seems to have been unaffected by the outage.

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  • Galyna

    This is funny :)))

  • David Robertson

    I don’t understand “why” but Apple browser Safari is having trouble in Quebec Canada loading many sites including Facebook … many ‘timeout issues’ to be resolved. The ‘issues’ on my Safari browser began 12 Dec 2012. Alas I dragged my I-mac (2006 model – very heavy) to the Apple Store in Montreal, seemingly no issues when linked to Apple in house w-fi, and when I asked about issues with Facebook, YouTube and other sites including cbc.ca/montreal ie sites that seem to require ‘serious’ timely and graphic interface time (they don’t connect), Apple did not admit to any problem …. too bad, there is a problem …. spent hours on the phone with Bell Canada (my server) only to ask the question about Apple – Safari issue only to find out that apparently there are issues with Apple internet service in this part of Canada. Issues still not resolved 13:02 , Dec 14, 2012

    • David Robertson

      … re the above discussion with “Bell rep”, I spent approx 1 &1/2 hrs with an Apple Tech rep on the phone who attempted several ‘fixes’, none of which worked in those instances — as far as I’m concerned clearly an issue only with Apple, for when I simultaneously attempted the exact protocols on the net with my PC “everything worked”: 1. no dropped connections 2. FB worked without hesitation etc etc.
      HOWEVER, as of this morning 15 Dec 2012, my Apple “Safari” browser is working as if I was on a ‘brand new computer – internet connection. All is as it should be — I can access all my favorite sites with ‘dropping sites’ or ‘timeouts’ …..

  • patricia rawlins

    I cannot access my account

  • Miranda Wright

    I am in Ny and i am trying to use my iphone and desktop computer for facebook and I still can not log on to facebook.

  • Here in Campbell River, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island; facebook was up and down several times over a 2 day period. Si nce I was just setting up my facebook page for the first time it was very, very frustrating.

  • Gregory A

    Where did Facebook go?

    I have not been able to access Facebook at all since Wednesday evening, December 12, 2012.