Exclusive: Major Change Made to Google Analytics – Dashboard Functionality Change

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It looks like a major change to the Google Analytics dashboard and functionality is being rolled out.

The screen grabs below show a change from the traditional ‘traffic sources’ panel to a new one called ‘acquisitions’.

While this may not seem that significant on it’s own, a deeper dive shows the true extent of the change with traffic source reporting taking on a very different look.

The first screen grab is a view of the new ‘overview’ section which provides an at-a-glance view of the three primary traffic source categories and the behaviour associated with each.

google analytics acquistion

The second one relates to the ‘channels’ section which allows for a deeper dig into the data behind each channel grouping.

Google traffic sources now acquisitions

The third one is the deeper dig into the ‘direct’ channel category to give you an idea of the reporting on that level.

direct search data

Sadly, when you click through to the organic results section, ‘not provided’ still rules the roost.  However, this change might be part of the broader evolution away from making oragnic search results the major focus of the dashboard.

Have you spotted the change?

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