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Interview with Eric Rogge, Senior Director of Marketing at Exalead

Exalead is one of those "smaller" search engines that continue to pop up here and there no matter what is going on in the search environment.


Unlike those major search engines, Exalead is focusing on the other end of the market, enabling businesses to create purpose-built search-based applications.

This post is featuring a short interview with Eric Rogge, senior director of marketing at Exalead. We had a chance to briefly chat about Exalead search engine, how it has been marketed and where to read more about the resource.

What would be your recommendations for the webmaster who wants to optimize for Exalead?

Exalead has written a few blogs on this topic: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): More Old-School Than You Think and Guide for Webmasters: Part 1, Making the Most of Your Content.

If your site is linked to from other sites already included in Exalead search index, you don’t need to do anything. At the time of our next indexing, your site will be ‘crawled’ (indexed) and added to our engine. If your site is new and not linked to from other sites, use our submission form to submit your site.

Which sites are using Exalead technology?

There is a variety.  For some example social sites using Exalead, check out:


How do you leverage social media? Do you use social media to promote your tools? To communicate with the users?

Currently we’re using blogs, blog commentary, discussion group topics and commentary, Twitter and a newly created Wikipedia entry, and there’s a lot more to come.

We have a strong corporate blog program with contributions from a number of Exalead internal bloggers – many of whom are experts in their fields. Exalead blog contributors include:

  • Carole&co
  • Eric Rogge
  • Paul
  • Sébastien
  • Stéphane Jaï

We also encourage our staff to Tweet on their own.

How is users’ feedback implemented? How can users share their opinions about the tools?

For anything on Tweepz, users can just comment to the site owner.  For the stuff, user accounts can be created to provide feedback/commentary. We haven’t yet started a community or discussion group, but we are in the process of planning for that now. 

How up-to-date are the tools? For example, I noticed the video-transcript search often returns a bit outdated results.

If you’re referring to the page, we’ve actually updated the video-transcript search and it should be more up-to-date now.  Just to offer some additional information about keeping things up to date, every 3 hours the system reads all the rss to see if there are new videos to treat.  The transcription process (i.e. converting the audio to text) can be the bottle neck (it takes about 12 minutes to treat a 10 minute video, for example), but with a multicore server, we can treat as many videos as the core at the same time.

How global is Exalead? Which countries do you have large database of users?

Europe primarily: France, Germany, UK, others.

Exalead is currently monetized via Google. Do you plan to start your own monetization program?

No announced plans on this. But stay tuned.

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Interview with Eric Rogge, Senior Director of Marketing at Exalead

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