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Enter the World Wide Wiki

As the world of Web 2.0 has brought many new components to the user, aside from social communities which keep emerging and showing growth, the world of the WIKI is starting to make noise.

According to Wikipedia, the WIKI means, “A wiki (sometimes wiki wiki) is a web application designed to allow multiple authors to add, remove, and edit content. The multiple author capability of wikis makes them effective tools for mass collaborative authoring

Wikis are spreading through the net quick through social groups and now businesses as well. compares many of the Wikis that are emerging online. Wikipedia of course being the largest Wiki created by human editing. Wikipedia is the 12th most visited web site in the US. It’s estimated around 10.65 million users visiting the site daily and a total reach of just shy of 39 million of the estimated 173.3 million Internet users.

Can the Wiki really evolve much more and become what will be Web 3.0? A world wide web made and edited by humans and humans only?

Applications and sites such as PBWiki allow users to get started making their own wiki site within seconds. The biggest issue for Wikis at the time is the spam factor and by allowing users to edit your wiki (if you create one for business reasons, etc.) you render total control to the user. I guess you can all this UGC 2.0.

Users are given the liberty to review products, make profiles, vote on stories, and much more…but now the chance to actually be editors of what is the actual site in which they are engaged. A growing responsibility is given to the user as the world of the internet matures and develops.

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Enter the World Wide Wiki

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