Emerging Trends in the World of Search Engine Optimization

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Emerging Trends in the World of Search Engine Optimization

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Things have been changing for quite some time in the SEO world. Hence, new trends have finally surfaced. Things that didn’t matter a few years ago are now of vital importance and companies are constantly making use of them to get more traffic. Here are a few such emerging trends in the SEO world:

• Mobile Search

According to a study conducted by Google, the queries from smartphones and tablets worldwide increased 80% year over year in 2012. Keeping that in mind, it has now become extremely necessary for website owners to update their strategies to cope up with the high number of mobile searches being conducted every day. The only way to keep up with this trend is to prepare the websites for mobile searches and to include the use of mobile specific web formatting.

 • Twitter

Twitter is a social networking website like many others but its biggest advantage is its use for link building. Businesses can easily tweet their message and website on twitter. It is an easy way to attract genuine potential customers as the people who click on your link will already be interested in you (because of your description in the tweet). Apart from that, you can make your tweets re-tweetable and ask people to re-tweet (RT) them. As soon as your followers retweet them, their followers will see it and they might click on your link and re-tweet your tweet as well. Another way that you can get people talking about your company on twitter is to add a “tweet this” icon on your website thus enabling visitors to share your page.

 • Quality

With its recent algorithm changes, Google has taken some major steps to ensure that the results provided to the users are of good quality. Hence, all the websites that contain repeated, irrelevant material are now suffering. Your material needs to be original and informative. Due to these changes, businesses now have to make sure that they update their websites regularly in order to convince Google that their material consists of a backlog of accurate content and provides value to the users.

 • Google +

Google+ might not be such a trending social networking site, but it is one of the most important “emerging trends” in SEO. Since it’s a Google product, Google can very easily collect information about the interests and personal preferences of users depending on the websites that they visit while they are signed into their Google+ account. This gives a whole new meaning to personalized search. Users can also claim their work by linking it to their Google+ profile. Apart from that, Google can easily access data from Google+ therefore; the results from Google+ dominate the results from all other social networking websites.

• Conversion Rate Optimization

Since everyone wants conversions and not just traffic, CRO has become a very trending topic in the SEO world lately. By optimizing a website such that it provides an overall enhanced yet effortless experience to the users, can greatly increase conversion rates. Due to the increased conversion rates of a website, search engines will be able to rank them better than the websites that only get search traffic.

The Final Say

Trends have been constantly changing in the SEO world and therefore it is becoming extremely important for website owners to familiarize themselves with the latest trends. Whether it is the new algorithm changes in Google or the different techniques used to get more traffic, businesses will have to cope up with the changes or risk getting left behind in this race.

Noman Ali

Noman Ali

Editor at Social Hunt
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Noman Ali
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  • Mark Nordlicht

    Hi Noman , Thank You for sharing five Emerging Trends in the World of Search Engine Optimization.

    • Sahil

      Quality Content, Usability, Mobile, Social, Google+ and Community for relationship building & helping each other are some of the emerging trends in the world of SEO.

  • dinesh

    Dear Noman, You remembered me again that now a days a website must be compatibility with the mobile devices, smart phones etc, thats why we are planning to make our site as responsive. As i think in coming days yii responisve themes would be in top, keeping in view the future prospective. By the way thanks for this post

  • Keith James

    As far as social goes, I’d double down on G+. It’s a long play but will be worth it. The main focus has to be on mobile. Everyday I speak with businesses that still think mobile is unimportant. These are usually the same folks that are still recovering from not having a web strategy 10 years ago. It’s their choice. Their loss.

  • ZK

    The recent SEO rank survey by Moz shows that G+ has higher authority than Twitter, of course for obvious reasons. Building a G+ network is highly recommended.

  • Noman Ali

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

  • Stephen Moyers

    First of all I must admit that indeed a great post you have shared! I agree that Google+ is one of the most important emerging trends in SEO and that’s why while searching for some query in Google, it also shows how many friends the person is having in his or her circle whenever author picture is appeared in SERPs by author tag.
    Overall good informative post Noman.


  • Andrew Riedel

    There’s no doubt that SEO post penguin 2.0 is changing yet again. I’m in complete agreement with you Noman that Mobile is huge and getter bigger daily. Social media is also going to be a significant factor going forward and Google + will finally be a big part of this. Great article mate!

  • Gary N

    Hi Noman, I appreciate your forsight write up here. It’s important to always be looking ahead toward the future with search engines like google in the mix. It seems like the trends an SEO are shifting at a more rapid pace now and professional advice is becomging more and more a pricey commodity….

    Thanks for the insight. <<

  • Sunny

    Thanks Noman for sharing such an informative article. I think that seo not just shows the future of online media even more than that it makes a pride to be in such progressive contribution of online search.

    My overall view about mobile search is just a kind of suggestion – which can motivate a very nice transparent results from user point of view and the same way from owners point of view IMPORTANTLY Just post original and sharp information over the Big G.