[Infographic] What’s the Real Value of That Email Newsletter?

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If you scour the pages of marketing sites around the web there’s one recurrent theme, strategy that is, that seems to never loose traction, Email marketing just works. Of course, most savvy marketing types already know this.  What is lesser known though is just how crucial email newsletters and eMarketing fodder is to the overall plan of a company, to the overall success.

ROI, this is the Holy Grail of business online now, and driving investment dollars up is yet another reason mail marketing rules part of the industry segment, it’s one of the best ways to discover the real value of an email subscriber. The infographic below from iContact shows the way ti better understanding when it comes to email marketing campaigns, and the best practices for optimizing.


Email marketing graphic

Liliana Steffens
Liliana Dumitru-Steffens is a digital marketing expert and content curator, for Pamil Visions PR. She writes for Everything PR, and is a regular contributor to... Read Full Bio
Liliana Steffens
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  • Rick Noel

    Excellent infographic Liliana. Email marketing a cornerstone of Internet marketing and will likely not go out of style anytime soon. Great tips on how to get the most values out of your emails. Thanks for sharing. I appreciated the open rate and CTR “benchmarks” to give reads a frame of reference on the performance of their own email campaigns . Thanks for sharing.

    • Iteire Apollos

      Hi Rick, i don’t think email marketing will ever go out of style. It is the only method that will stand the test of time. Fcebook fan pages and twitter may go out of style,but email marketing will never.I’m so sure about that.

  • Alex Dumpfree

    Very useful post, thanks Liliana. E-mail newsletter provides solid bonding with willing customers and it’s the best thing to create regular reach to positive customers.