DuckDuckGo vs Google (Impressive New Stats)

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We’ve covered the DuckDuckGo vs Google war in the past…  We know it’s not the closest race in the world but DuckDuckGo released some impressive new stats today that they have passed 2 Million searches in one day!

It’s not compared to the billions daily that Google, Bing or Facebook have but it’s a really good start.  What’s most impressive is the HUGE increase and tripple in traffic since January of this year!

Duckduckgo traffic stats april 2013


DuckDuckGo had 2,211,203 direct searches yesterday, that’s up about 400,000 over Sunday’s searches.  Very impressive numbers considering how young of a startup they are.

Interesting to note that in February was the first time that they hit 1 million searches in 1 days and a couple months later, they’ve doubled it.

What do you think of this growth, is it sustainable?  Is anyone doing any SEO for smaller search engines like this?  If so I’d love to hear some tips on things that are working!

John Rampton
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  • Scott McKirahan

    That is February of 2012 that they hit 1 million for the first time – 16 months ago, not four.

  • Sumit Dass

    Really great tips!

    This is new to me…
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Andy

    No need to write about Auntie Maggie selling an all-time high 5 Candys in her shop while the supermarket next doors sells 5000 every day.

  • Riza

    You had it right, John! Definitely impressive! I mean, who would have thought a young startup could well be on its way to stardom! And I am not exaggerating by saying that. They definitely have the props to go big.

    I also agree that no matter how huge the gap is between them and Google, they still are an inspiration for other startup companies.

    Way to go! And your article is so nice, this was shared and “Kingged” on the IM social networking site,

  • John Nagle

    Interesting. Let’s look at the little guys.

    DuckDuckGo seems to be doing well, but they’re still very tiny.

    Blekko, with a crowd-sourced approach to search, not so much. The trouble with crowd-sourcing search is that crowds can be sourced. Blekko only works at all because it’s too tiny to be worth spamming. Remember what happened to Google Places back in 2010 when it started feeding the main Google engine. “Social” is really easy to spam – the social sites even host the spam for you. No expensive link farm to maintain.

    Ask. Remember Ask? Anybody? Their CEO says “the search wars are over and Google’s won.”

    Bing. Probably as good as Google, maybe better, and nobody notices. Most Bing users use Internet Explorer, where Bing is the default. Bing has about 30% of search traffic (Yahoo outsources search to Bing) and nobody seems to notice.

    Baidu. #1 in China, nowhere outside it. Trying to expand, and have the money to do it.

    Yandex. #1 in Russia, nowhere outside it. They have a US operation, but nobody is paying attention.

    Right now, it looks like Google won. But that could change if a phone vendor or carrier got into search. Google has become annoyingly ad-heavy. Search paid through the phone bill wouldn’t have to be. Ad overload is the curse of “free”, and it can be a killer. Remember Myspace. Facebook is headed that way.

  • Jim Swanson

    In my opinion it’s only a matter of time until Google is dethroned. It happens all the time in the tech world. And they won’t be overcome by a big player like Yahoo or Bing, it will be someone like DuckDuckGo. Google was DuckDuckGo 13 years ago!