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Dropbox Announces ‘Special’ Invite-Only Event in November

There aren’t a whole lot of companies who have experienced the astronomical growth that Dropbox has experienced. The online storage service debuted in 2008, and within four years, has acquired 100 million users. Amazingly, it has only taken a mere 10 months for Dropbox to gain another 100 million users. Without question, the service has become the cloud storage and sharing service.

Since Dropbox can easily be shared and synced between multiple devices such as desktop and mobile, and is capable of storing about 1 billion files daily, it’s not all that shocking that Dropbox is such a dominating presence. What is surprising, however, is that the company has yet to hold it’s own conference.

While Dropbox has been a part of, and hosted, numerous events, this will be the very first Dropbox-specific event.

According to Mashable, the company has sent out invites to the media for some sort of “news event” for a “special announcement.” The event will be held at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco on November 13. Besides the date and location, not many other details were given, except that CEO Drew Houston and other executives will lead the event.

The invitation itself features a drawing of a tabletop full of gadgets, photographs, business cards and notebooks. A piece of paper with the Dropbox logo can be found in the center. “This isn’t business as usual,” which is being speculated as a reference to the Dropbox for Business service, is seen in a blue letterbox beneath the drawing.

2013 has already been a monumental year for Dropbox, what with growing to 200 million users, launching the anticipated business service in April and announcing the developer tools known as Dropbox Platform in July, it’s going to be interesting to see what the service is going to announce on November 13.

Were you lucky enough to receive an invite to the Dropbox event? If so, are you going to attend? Even if you’re not attending, what do you think that the “special announcement” is going to be?

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Dropbox Announces ‘Special’ Invite-Only Event in November

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