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Don’t Be a Glasshole: 8 Situations When You Shouldn’t Wear Google Glass


We’ve got some bad news. Google Glass has been officially postponed until 2014. At least that gives us some more time to debate the privacy issues, along with crucial concerns such as the question of whether or not NBA refs should wear a pair, surrounding Google’s highly-buzzed wearable computer.

So while the debate(s) continue, here’s an issue that can be discussed for the next several months. The etiquette of Google Glass. This has absolutely nothing to do with legal issues and concerns. We’re talking about common sense here folks. After-all, you don’t want to become a Glasshole, right?

To avoid being mocked, physically assaulted or banished to Tristan da Cunha (an island roughly 1,700 miles away from South Africa and home to only 271 residents), follow these eight simple suggestions on when not to wear, or use, Google Glass.

8. While on the Subway


Subways are already a little freighting. Add that weird dude sitting across from you wearing a computer on his head and your commute home just got extremely uncomfortable.

7. When Being Questioned By Authority


Most of us love, or maybe have to, prove people wrong. This can sometimes come back to bite us where the sun don’t shine. However, it’s another thing to remain silent, take a verbal slashing and plot your revenge quietly later on. Do you think an officer is going to enjoy having his or her information searched when they pull you over, presumably for wearing Google Glass while driving? Sure. That would be fun, but it’s not smart. How about looking for an important email while your boss is screaming in your face until their head explodes? Or, when an owner or employee asks you to remove Glass in their establishment and you search for laws to prove that you can indeed keep your wearable computer on. You’ll just come off as an entitled jerk who doesn’t know how to respect others. In other words, you’re a Glasshole.

6. When Asked To Take Google Glass Off


Whether you’re at a party or place of business, if someone asks you to remove Glass don’t get all beefed up. Be courteous and remove them. This could be the perfect opportunity to discuss what Glass can and can’t do. Heck. Even let this person try Glass on so that they can understand what the capabilities of Glass are. The biggest issue with Glass is misunderstanding. And coming off as a pompous brat only heightens those concerns.

5. When Taking Selfies Using Your Smartphone


You do know that Google Glass has a camera, right?

4. In The Shower


See the above picture. That right there is a Glasshole. There’s absolutely zero benefits of wearing a $1500 piece of equipment into the shower.

3. During a Conversation


If you actually talk to people face-to-face, then you know that they prefer to have your undivided attention. How do you think they’ll react if you’re busy Tweeting or searching for NSFW material via Glass? But, if you really want to come off as the world’s biggest jackass, by all means do a search and then correct someone if they’re wrong. Don’t act shocked if they rip your pricey gadget off the top of your head and smash into a million little pieces.

2. While Out on a Date


This is for all the men out there who have received either a dirty look or well-deserved slap across the face after gawking at another woman while out on a date. Now, imagine that your lady-friend catches you snapping pictures of other women. Again, pricey gadget smashed into a million pieces. Besides being rude to your date, that’s just being a creepy Glasshole.

1. In Public Bathrooms


As most men are aware of, certain experiences in public restrooms can be uncomfortable. We’ve all been in that situation where we have caught, or suspect, the guy next to us sneaking a peak. And, that dude better watch out if he’s just staring. He’s definitely going to get a knuckle-sandwich. That whole scenario could get accelerated if the man-in-question would be wearing Google Glass. He’s going down.

However, public restrooms are just one spot where Google Glass owners should use common sense. Locker rooms, dressing rooms or any location where there’s nudity should be off limits for your Google Glass. Better safe than sorry. You’ll avoid a bloody nose and sobbing as you pickup your destroyed pair of Google Glass.

Images via the greatest Tumblr right now White Men Wearing Google Glass

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Don’t Be a Glasshole: 8 Situations When You Shouldn’t Wear Google Glass

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