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Don’t Burn Out Doing Your Own SEO

If you are like many people out there you probably had to cut back on many personal and business expenses over the last two years leaving your internet marketing on either hold or all up to you. If you are a business owner juggling many daily activities it could get very interesting trying to keep up with your own online marketing activities.

Just don’t burn out attempting to do it yourself if you have not spent some time in the past dabbling in some of the efforts.  Also, my advice is take the time to develop a well thought out plan of attack to your SEO program.  Without a game plan for your SEO, it can be very easy to lose sight and track of where you are heading long term.

Work on the Strategy

Search engine optimization is one of those efforts that trigger some website owners sometimes to go a bit out of hand when it comes to performing various SEO efforts for their own business. It is easy to feel like more is better but that is not always the case when it comes to search engine marketing. Strategic is better choice over going for more almost always. One article strategically written and distributed is better than 10 subpar articles dumped into the search space.

For instance, one press release written about something newsworthy is a much better choice in my opinion than just launching a press release every month because you launched a new page on your website. You don’t want to sit there all day in your desk trying to think of a million things you can do to try and infiltrate the search results because you can very easily burn yourself out as a business owner.

The web is very wide and deep and the possibilities for your search marketing are really endless. As I mentioned earlier in this post, always take a step back and put a reasonable timeline and strategy together you can follow over time. Social media and social media monitoring alone could easily eat up an entire day’s worth of time so you are going to have to pace yourself on every front.

Estimate Your Time

Don’t forget that SEO is a long term approach depending on how saturated your industry is so it is important to really understand that things are going to take some time. Focusing all day long on your SEO and letting the rest of your business fall behind could lead to a massive loss of energy while bringing on an entirely new level of frustration.

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Don’t Burn Out Doing Your Own SEO

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