Do You Know When Your Customers Participate the Most? Part 1

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This is a question I ask myself all of the time and make a point to analyze with any data I can get my hands on. The idea is simple: if you know when your audience’s participation is at its highest, you’ll know when the best time to seed your social content is. In my opinion it is very important that you collect your own data and not go with any published statistics. Each industry has their own unique audience type, and each audience type functions in a different way. Because of that, you want to experiment and collect your own data to ensure its accuracy.

In part one of this series we’ll take a look at what kind of data we need to collect for two of the more popular social media sites: Facebook and Twitter.


When it comes to Facebook, there are a handful of engagement metrics we want to focus on:

  • What time of day and day of the week do our posts receive the most “likes”?
  • What types of posts and topics receive the most comments?
  • What types of links get the largest amount of click throughs?
  • Which links generate the largest amount of conversions on your site?
  • Which days of the week are your Fan Page page views at their highest?
  • What days do you add the most fans?

This is going to require a lot of testing and the right tools. Here’s a run down of tools that can help you capture this data:


Twitter also has its own unique set of engagement metrics you’ll want to look at:

  • Which tweets received the most replies/mentions?
  • Which tweets received the most retweets?
  • What time of day and day of the week were retweets, replies and mentions at their highest?
  • Which Twitter followers received the most RT’s of your content? In other words, who was a top influencer?
  • What days are your top targeted keywords referenced the most?
  • Which days do you receive the most new followers?
  • Which shared links receive the most click throughs?
  • Which links generate the largest amount of conversions on your site?

List of tools to help you collect this data:

Once compiled, you’ll get a good idea of what kind of reach your tweets and posts will have each day. That way you can plan when to release product announcements, link bait or anything else you want to maximize viral attention.

Taylor Pratt
Taylor Pratt is the Product Marketing Manager at Raven Internet Marketing Tools. With Raven you can conduct research and analysis, manage link building campaigns, track... Read Full Bio
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  • Moosa Hemani

    Wow mate an Intelligent Approach i must say…. Data from the social media is valuable yet important to understand when and what customers are up to?

    Looking forward for the 2nd part of the post!!

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Understanding how and when customers are engaging with your brand is critical for establishing more meaningful connections with them. Keeping an eye on what information is being passed around the most let’s you know what consumers are looking for, so you can better tailor your messaging strategy. Finding a way to more accurately measure the ROI of social media will help cement its importance in a marketing strategy.

  • Donny Gamble

    My customers participate the most when they get to interact with each others

  • Elton Sites

    This is really informative! I haven’t thought of recording those data when I started posting on Facebook! This is truly wonderful! Will definitely take your advice!

  • ugetme jeremy

    This is absolutely correct.. The main reason is social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Then only customers known about this.. Thanks for giving this information..
    University Canada

  • Anonymous

    Having an understanding of when your readers/followers participate the most will surely assist you in planning your posts on social media platforms. Similar to Google Analytics, its good once a week or so, to go though these metrics and see what is working and what needs to change.

  • Anonymous

    We do customer service for small business owner and like every website owner we would like to get more traffic to our site and these are great tips for us to build traffic and never thought of recording the data in Facebook will surely do it now.