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How Many Hours Do Digital Marketers Work Per Day? [POLL]

How many hours do search and digital marketing pros typically work every day? Here is what our Twitter community said for this #SEJSurveySays poll.

How Many Hours Do Digital Marketers Work Per Day? [POLL]

The nature of work today is different from what it was decades ago.

With rapid advancements in communication and technology in recent years, most people now have the ability to work anywhere.

The statement “Work is a thing you do, not a place you go,” is truer now more than ever.

Everybody wants to achieve a great work-life balance but it’s not always easy to attain in this era of remote work.

Whereas before, work stops when you leave the office – nowadays, it can be difficult to separate life and work.

Professionals working in the field of digital marketing know this all too well.

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Most digital marketers – especially those working as consultants or freelancers – can have more flexibility in terms of working arrangements. They can usually pick where and how long they should work on a daily basis.

We got curious how many hours search and digital marketing pros typically work per day – so we asked the Search Engine Journal Twitter community.

How Many Hours Do Search & Digital Marketing Pros Typically Work per Day? 🕰️

Here are the results from this #SEJSurveySays poll question. According to SEJ’s Twitter audience:

  • 38 percent of search and digital marketing pros said they typically work 8 hours per day, every day.
  • 33 percent of search and digital marketing pros responded that they work between 9-12 hours on a daily basis.
  • 15 percent of search and digital marketing pros answered that every waking hour is a working hour, claiming that “If I’m awake, I’m working.”
  • 14 percent of search and digital marketing pros replied that they work no more than 4 hours each day.


Here Are a Few Comments from Our Twitter Followers

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Working Efficiently as a Digital Marketer

Regardless if you’re a business owner, a full-time employee, a freelancer, or a fresh graduate still looking for a job in marketing, everybody wants to achieve a great work-life balance.

This is a good thing as there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing one’s well-being.

Keep in mind that the number of hours one puts into work doesn’t always correlate to the quality of their output.

Whether you are able to enjoy a four-hour work week or you have to pull an all-nighter just to finish a project, it all boils down to productivity.

The key here is to be more efficient in everything that you do.

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Have Your Say

How many hours do you typically work every day? Tag us on social media to let us know.

Be sure to have your say in the next survey – check out the #SEJSurveySays hashtag on Twitter for future polls and data.

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