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Did Bing Copy Kayak’s Travel Search Portal?

Right after we mentioned in our previous post that one of Bing’s strengths is its travel vertical, here comes an interesting post by Epicenter on the striking resemblance of Bing with that of Kayak travel search portal. As I was not familiar with Kayak I immediately checked out the site for awhile while opening Bing Travel in another browser tab to compare their look and feel.  Indeed there’s a resemblance in the way both travel search portal presents travel search related results.

Even the Kayak people noticed the striking resemblance of Bing Travel to their site. Kayak’s chief marketing officer Robert Birge told that they have brought the issue to Microsoft. But a Microsoft official deny Kayak’s claim saying that the technology they are using on Bing Travel was based on a collaborative effort between Farecast and Microsoft.

While Kayak can elevate this matter to proper authorities as there are existing copyright laws applicable to the matter, it would however be a long and tedious process and would be harder to prove.

So for now, Kayak might as well be contented with the fact that a major Internet player might have copied their travel search portal or at the least looks a lot like theirs. After all, this similarities may not affect Kayak’s travel search market share at all since they have established themselves as a major player in that niche.



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Did Bing Copy Kayak’s Travel Search Portal?

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