There Is Definitely Something Devious Going on Over at Reddit!

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For the last five months, I have been an active user of Reddit. When I first got started with Reddit, I was really impressed by how much more democratic Reddit seemed to be than Digg and some of the other social media websites. As I talked to other Reddit users, I realized that I wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

reddit 404

As Brent Csutoras noted in a recent post, there have been a significant amount of people who have been leaving Digg and going to Reddit. The reason for these users moving to Reddit is because while Digg likes to say that they are all about their users, everyone knows that their moderators have a significant amount of control over the content that makes it to the front page (and their trend of having more control has continued to increase over time).

Unfortunately, it seems that my initial impression of Reddit may have been too good to be true. During my first three to four months on Reddit, I noticed that from time to time, my submissions would be deleted. Although the submissions didn’t break any Reddit TOS (such as being adult content), weren’t self-promotional and weren’t related to SEO (since the Reddit community is weary of any content related to search engine marketing), some of my posts seemed to be randomly deleted.

However, during the past few weeks, I have noticed that every one of my submissions has been getting deleted. The most surprising thing is that they were always deleted extremely quickly (as in ten seconds or less).

While this was quite puzzling at first, the cause of this issue has started to become more clear. As Brent explained in his post, the categories on Reddit are actually subreddits, and instead of being run by the Reddit staff, many of the most popular ones are run by a single Reddit user.

This means that these subreddits are fully controlled by a single user, and that user is allowed to play god with the submissions. While a Reddit staff member would probably have to justify why they deleted specific submissions, these users could delete submissions simply because they didn’t like another user. So, while people like to complain about Digg’s preferred treatment of power users, I think the issue of power users pales in comparison to this one.

Although this information explained why some of my links had been randomly deleted during my first three to four months on Reddit, it still didn’t explain the recent acivity. However, after doing some more investigating, I think I have found the answer, and this is where things get really interesting. If I am logged in and look at my recent submissions, I can see them all as shown by the screenshot below:

GMan Reddit Submissions

(notice that my submissions are a random mix of interesting content that isn’t self-promotional or related to SEO)

However, when I log out and visit my user page, this is what I see:

Reddit Profile 404

So, what does this mean? From what I can gather, this means that if a user like myself has been banned, Reddit doesn’t actually let you know that you have been banned. Instead, the site makes you think you are still an active user, but anything that you submit is autoburied. So, regardless of what you submit or how interesting it is, no one will ever have a chance to vote on it.

While I can understand why social media websites need to be able to ban users, I think it’s quite devious to trick banned users like myself into thinking that they still have an active account, when the truth is that they are nothing more than a ghost of Reddit!

While I know that I could create a new Reddit account and start over from scratch, I simply don’t know if I want to be part of a website that not only gives complete control over many of their main categories to single users (who don’t have to justify their decisions to anyone), but also feels that it is okay to trick their banned users into thinking that they are still members of the Reddit community.

I have been thinking about spending my social media time building a presence within the Mixx community (because it seems to be the most democratic option at this point), but before I do, I want to hear what you all think I should do:


Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber is a professional SEO, social media enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur from Houston Texas. Gerald Founded Search Engine Marketing Group in December 2005. Follow him on Twitter and Google+ to learn more.
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  • Byrne

    I used to be very active on reddit, shortly after it got started (in ’05-6). The reason they do things this way is so spammers don’t create new accounts. Once they know someone is a spammer, they’d rather the spammer spend their time posting stuff that won’t get read, instead of finding a new way to post stuff that will get read.

    Sort of the way blocking works on IM. You don’t tell someone they’ve been blocked; you block them, and as far as they know you’re just not online.

    It’s too bad you’ve been marked as a spammer, though. Looks like some of those subreddits are overreacting.

  • Gerald Weber

    The there’s the question who is acting as judge and jury determining what accounts are spammy?

    I sure hope they aren’t allowing single users to make these decision just as they are allowing user to “play God” with submission in many of the popular sub Reddits. I can say that I made a legitimate attempt to participate in the Reddit community and resent being labeled as a spammer.

  • The Dude Dean

    Ahh it all makes sense now. Ironically I recently got banned from a crappy social voting site for similar BS. Don’t they know I’m a digg elite? WTF?

  • Robert Enriquez

    This has been going on for a LONG TIME.
    At least 6months..

    I found out about it when I would submit something…then search for it.
    I would find it instantly, but a couple of hours later it was gone.
    It would still show up in my user account but not in the searches.

  • Gerald Weber


    The random deletion of submission has been going on since I have signed up to Reddit 5 months ago, but just recently I have been banned I guess which is why all submissions are auto buried. Not sure how long they have been banning people in this manner but I imagine probably it has been going on for quite awhile.

  • Brent Csutoras

    The ban was once called the 0 point ban, where all things you submit start with 0 and thus remained invisible. Search 0 Point Ban.

    I will tell you with full certainty that although there is a lot of mod favoring, I see a ton of content auto removed by bots.

    On occassion I have even had Reddit staff admit they cannot tell why my submission ‘angered the bot’ and they would add it back.

  • JesusWasAnAlien

    They always say its their spam detection censoring people…but it is not. I have had nearly 10 accounts be marked spam because of my Knack to question the Zionist overlords actions against all humanity.

  • Tony Lawremce

    ALL sites like Reddit and Digg deteriorate. It’s unavoidable: they either succumb to crowd mentality or start using specially privileged accounts who will impose their own bias and prejudice.

    I stopped using all of these some time ago. I don’t submit my content anywhere and I ask my readers not to submit it. I just don’t want to be part of it.

    Just opt out. You really don’t need them anyway.

  • Gerald Weber


    Sound like the angry bot is another issue I have heard of but not sure exactly how that works either. Sounds like another Reddit issue to be aware of. Beware of angry robots!

  • John (Human3rror)

    that’s jacked up. seriously.

  • Gerald Weber



  • SEOverload

    It is all disappearing!

  • Brett Borders

    I used to be interested in Reddit back in the day but I have given up because the community got taken over by reactionary political extremists – who downmod blindly and abusively. I have also noticed editorial deletions like the ones you describe.

  • Brett Borders

    I got a home page story on Reddit with 46 votes, and it got 36 unique visitors with a 90% bouce rate. I wouldn’t personally be tempted to invest too much time on there.

  • Adrienne

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind here, and one which is often forgotten in the noise of the social media war, is that these sites are not yours – you are allowed a favor by being able to distribute your content or interesting content you want to share with others. You may judge Reddit’s behavior as “unfair” but it is their site and technically they can do whatever they want.

    Move on. As another commentator pointed out, you don’t need them.

  • Nick Cobb

    Same thing goes for me. I finally deleted my account.

  • Granolajoe

    I agree with Tony. Digg and Reddit are both extremely flawed and have been terribly corrupted.

    You don’t need either site to be successful in social media. That’s why Twitter is so great – you get to control the content that you share and build an audience that is receptive to the topics you tweet about.

    If people like what you are doing, they’ll listen and support you. No one else is deciding what you can or cannot post, and filtering out what they think is best for a community to see.

  • zmogo

    I’ve noticed the same; it seems like there are a ton of reddit ‘haters’ that vote stuff down more than they up-vote. Mixx anyone?

  • Chris

    r-EDDIT, is censored heavily and deceptive.

    I followed reddit discussions from different accounts, and saw what was being deleted from the discussions. But, ‘it’ was sold to a commercial media outlet, that is about making money, not ultimately forwarding progressive democratic thinking.

    Plus, as an intellectual content source, that is able to be categorized, for later reference and research about topical social discussions, it sometimes felt like a content torrent toilet for time and energy spent by the users…

    Hyper talk about topics, and then the discussion panels vanish into cyberspace…

  • Len H.

    I read Brent’s post too, and as a longtime Reddit user, I think the problem is directly related to the fact that you guys are SEO’s. Are you sure you never submit promotional links for clients under your regular username? Because the Reddit community has a highly sensitive nose for promotion, and they consider that spam. And they click that “Report” button, and the admins back them up. Do that too often, and I think what happened to you with the “ghost” account and all is what happens.

    I mean, I found the following links using Google. Are you honestly saying that you posted them because you, without conflict of interest, legitimately thought they were good links? Or was it because you (or a friend of yours) got paid to do so?

  • Gerald Weber


    Thanks for clarifying my point.

    Well aware of the fact that reddit as well as other social media sites are not ours and thus they can ultimately do whatever they want. That’s precisely the point of this article. They are being unfair and not democratic with their submissions. So actual quality content has little chance of succeeding on reddit. Expect to be treated unfairly if you decide to spend any time at reddit. Also expect to be tricked into thinking you are still an active member if they decide to ban you.


    “I think the problem is directly related to the fact that you guys are SEO’s.”

    Well for starters they had no way to judge me as an SEO because I do not submit SEO content nor did I use reddit to promote an client stuff as you have suggested.

    I made all the submission you mentioned. All of which were 100% non promotional.

  • Brent Csutoras


    Never had a problem getting Reddit front page, all my accounts still intact, still an Admin on some of the biggest subreddits.

    I left all aspects of personal or career based conversation from my article, which this is also based on.

    Not all lawyers are bad, not all cops are corrupt, and not all SEO are spammers.. Sorry but that is just judging an entire career field off something you heard or experienced…

  • We Are All Aliens


    I appreciate this article. I have already driven over to MIXX, and will take a test drive shortly.

    My comments about our Alien DNA code were banned from reddit… X-files is wrong, the truth is not out there, it is inside.

    See, now is that not fun, being able to not be censored, even if I am only slightly off topic about whether reddit is worth our salt and energy, when we are looking for more ‘fair’ and progressive places to socially gather.

    One thing I do see, after spending a lot of time studying social media, eventually, we need to get more of our personal discussions back into the real world, on a civilized day to day basis…

    The Human Forum…

  • JadedTLC

    Mixx is just as un-democratic; I just don’t know the particulars. I think reddit knows that if you keep logging in every day as a banned user, they get the traffic, unique logins data, etc to report to their board (yeah remember they’re owned). At least when digg bans you, they aren’t using your visit as a part of their stats.

    I had a conversation with a reddit moderator. First he cusses me out before I even say anything. Until I mention I am an XX chromosome, he’s rude and mean. I tried to explain spam to the little 16-year old admins. They don’t listen. A huge site like reddit gives a bunch of kids power. Wow.

    No wonder the site’s a mess.

  • We Are All Aliens


    You just said it all about much of our social media. Online character masks, which we call our aliases, and avatars, have spawned a huge acceptance, and dysfunctional place for brewing social rudeness skills…

    It is far too easy for people to be rude or to a bully to others when they are not face to face…

    Yet, I certainly appreciate many times having a personal fence online, because there is a wild west mode online, that is not friendly, and most often there is no social protection from much of the non respectful inter-personal use of the internet.

  • Chris Burns

    I’m fed up with reddit. They have to be THE worst site for social networking. I refuse to even check out the site these days.

    I know a moderator that says his links get taken down often also, but he is able to login and add them back.. must be nice.

  • Lisa

    Bro, let me put this to you plainly: Reddit saw through your attempt to hide your spam with a few other poorly titled Digg-esque links, and you got reported as a spammer too many times and banned, not by a single moderator, but by the admins, who are kind enough to keep spammers off Reddit so that the rest of us can enjoy it.

    Now, I self-promote. On Reddit. Successfully, even. And I’ve only once had a submission unfairly deleted. Yeah, that pissed me off, but it wasn’t even self-promotional– it was for no apparent reason. I griped, dusted myself off, and moved on. Because I’m a productive user who doesn’t expect to get something out of Reddit without giving anything in return, nobody has a problem with me, and I can be totally open about self-promoting.

    Reddit is not a community with a high tolerance for people just looking for an audience for a shitty blog. So sorry, please stay off my Reddit so I can continue to use it productively.

  • Reddit Troll Hacking

    One more reason to ditch reddit, proof that it is being used subversively by special interest, by lobbying political vote moderation…

    Maybe this is the ultimate downside of the net, much too much room for deceit.

    Speaking of social media site functionality, who here would be willing to use a site with full name disclosure, and of course all other users would be asked to do the same…?

  • Gerald Weber

    @Lisa ,

    I dont’ exactly appreciate the name calling but I’ll reply to you anyhow. Self promoting on reddit works for you, then great but I was not self promoting.Just a legitimate attempt to participate.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Gerald Weber


    I don’t exactly apprecaite the profanity However I thought that was a pretty cool article. It’s OK if you didn’t like the artilce or the comments. That’s what the down mod button is for and it’s clear that you know how that works.

  • fugazi

    A quick 5 minute search uncovered various submissions that are clearly spam. Ironically, I can’t put them in this comment box, because when I try to submit them, it says my post looks spammy… Classy…

    Anyhow – there’s


    This goes straight to a criminal lawyer’s page. Clearly spam.


    Goes to an ebook site. Cleary spam.


    An attempt to rank for dreamhost/wordpress queries on a spam blog… Nice.


    Spammy fitness site.

    That was just 5 minutes. The simple fact is – reddit users aren’t idiots and you can’t try to promote your own or client sites and expect not to be burnt.

    To have the guts to try to propose that there’s some sort of conspiracy against you… Come on – they’re just trying to stop it from turning into some massive spam haven.

  • Brett Borders

    I made a total mistake in my comment above.

    I meant to say that MIXX sends no traffic, and I wouldn’t invest too much time there as a marketer.

    I got a home page story on MIXX recently (not Reddit) and it only sent 36 visitors. Reddit had sent in upwards of 15,o00 before.

  • Gerald Weber

    Blake ,

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    fugazi ,

    Thanks for posting those subs.

  • ryan

    Using reddit or digg for seo is so 2006 and let’s be honest: social media “news” sites are all dying. The concept is flawed. A small active group will always be able to game the system. Reddit is a progressive circle jerk. Digg can be replaced with a feed reader with 40 sites’ rss feeds. Thank god for twitter and friendfeed.

  • Gerald Weber


    You obviously didn’t take the time to read the article. It’s not about using reddit or digg for SEO.

    Please take a moment, read the article, then come back and comment.

    Thanks. 😉

  • undacted

    I am an active contributor and moderator on reddit, and I’d like to point out some things to you.

    Digg has 70 members of their staff. Reddit has 7.
    The admins of both sites are busy with large updates that are getting implemented int he summer months.

    The beauty of reddit is that it *is* controlled by users. Hell, I’m not sure if you ever read deeply into the april fools prank, but that was done entirely by a reddit user, using user-available tools.

    You would be extremely surprised at how responsible moderators are, and how accountable they are. As far as I know, there has only been one issue so far with moderating, and that was a user who gained a lot of power, snapped, then got kicked off the site for doing stupid things.

    Behind the scenes are some incredibly helpful, talented, and dedicated people. As long as a subreddit has more than one moderator, you can be prety sure that nothing fishy is going on. All bans and such are visible to all moderators, so you can immediately see when a co-moderator bans a user or a post. This adds a simple layer of transparency which takes out a lot of issues involved when power is introduced into the system.

    I’ve been a moderator of over 100K subscribers before, and you wouldn’t believe how much pressure is put on you because of it. The more power you have, the more responsibility you have. If people don’t like it, they’ll complain. If a subreddit has unnecessary censorship, people can always make a new one and migrate over to there.

    The site’s structure is beautiful. Personal subreddits, private subreddits, moderator transparency, private messages, infinitely threaded comments, et al. Hell, if you ever go into reddithax, you’ll see how beautiful the site is.

    If you see a problem with your submission’s visibility, the first thing you should do is message the moderators in the subreddits where you have posted, and ask if your posts have been banned. Almost all moderators would be happy to talk with you. It could have been a mistake, or a problem with the auto-ban algorithm. Moderators can help you with that, and unban you. If they still don’t know, just message an administrator.

    It’s impossible to spam reddit, because people for the most part act as individuals, and vote based on actual content and categorizations of links. We’re very social, as well. If Digg suddenly got the social tools that reddit has (inbox, PMs, and threaded comments) they wouldn’t know what to do with them.

    I have recently been encountering the full scope of censorship that is on digg, and I will tell you right now, from a moderators eye on the world that reddit has an insignificant amount of that sort of activity, and 99% of it is done by algorithms and users. And 99% of it is justified.

    The problem is that digg doesn’t allow dissent. They will hide their censorship behind their promotional algorithm scapegoat. They won’t tell you how many buries a story gets. They’ll ban users for voting on comments in a way that they don’t want you to. They won’t let you comment anymore if they see you promoting dissent. It is disgusting.

    On reddit, you’ll see dissent all the time. And you can see exactly how many ups and downs it receives.

    I have been on reddit a little over a year, and on digg since late 2005.

    Please contact me by email if you’d like to chat some more. I have quite a bit of experience with these two sites. In fact, to a surprising extent.

  • Benjamin Teo


    A great reply and thanks for clearing up a few things. However what ever the reasons my be for the ban is it that easy to talk with moderators like yourself? I’ve just added you to twitter I’m (

    I’ve also been silently banned and would like to discuss a possible reinstatement. Please chat with me on twitter as I’ve also written a blog post about this ban on reddit.

  • Wilkie

    There is a reason why it looks like you are active and not banned. As a software engineer who has experience in this area, I know that it is very important that bot spammers believe they are being successful. That way they won’t employ a ‘create a thousand users’ strategy. Your account was most likely flagged as a spam account. It was deemed so probably on a factor of reasons or a factor of poor moderation. It doesn’t matter.

    All you have to do is email a moderator. Whatever social engineering does to make a mess, social engineering is required to provide the fix. False positives are unavoidable. As hard as we try, all systems are flawed first and broken later.

  • fugazi

    This isn’t a false positive though. It’s a clear example of spam on reddit. I don’t really see the point in him talking to a mod.

  • Ann Smarty

    OK, removing all profanity now… I find it interesting that pro-Reddit comments are full of profanity. Guys, you are free to disagree but please mind your language.

    Also, everyone, no personal attacks, read the article first – then comment. I will remove any comments that will cross the line.

  • Ryan

    Gerald – I did rtfa. It’s clear to me that you WERE using reddit for seo. No big deal. I never saw any other reason to use the site other than for links. Its full of commenters like those that have appeared here. But theres no reason to lie about it.

  • david miron (soluto)

    I liked Reddit so much I have actually hung around for a couple of months now even though everything I post disappears within 20 minutes of posting (and after the item has been voted down to 0 or 1). I use reddit for fun and professionally but never in an attempt to promote anything other than items of interest. At one point I was told by a moderator that something I posted from got me flagged erroneously and that it had been “taken care of but that turned out not to be true. Now that moderator does not reply to my messages (maybe the moderator has been flagged too.

    First Digg went Dang, then Reddit went Ribbit, now what? Mixx will get Miffed?

    Why do these venues seemed to be doomed to driving away the people who spend so much time on them making them work in the first place.

    I guess always get what you pay for.

  • Gerald Weber


    I’m sorry but you’re incorrect my friend. 🙂

    @david miron (soluto),

    I really enjoyed reddit for my first few months as well. I guess the deal breaker is the way they tricked me (and many others) into thinking they have active accounts when they don’t.

    I tend to submit a lot of stuff that I stumbleupon and for some reason Reddit users see a blog post or a submission they don’t like and BAM it’s deleted or (flagged). It gets tiresome after awhile really.

  • Spooky

    I have also been banned on Reddit, and I also used to be a very active user, I said to myself, ok, maybe I did something wrong, even though it would have been nice to know what. So I registered with a new profile, submitting only stories from the most established sites, just to be on the safe side. Now, 20 days later, I’m banned again. Guess the moderators just don’t like me. Oh well…

  • undacted

    I highly recommend that you read the post that Wilkie made. Short, concise, and accurate.

    What is the reason that you use social news sites? A glance at your profiles clearly shows that you are in marketing and SEO.
    That’s not what these sites are about. You are abusing them.
    The point of the sites is a meritocracy/democracy where users act as individuals, posting, voting, and commenting on things THAT THEY ENJOY.
    As soon as you have different motives than “things that you enjoy”, then it’s time to sit back and realize that you are part of the disease and not the cure. And being banned for it should be of no surprise.

  • Gerald Weber


    You sound like the average harsh reddit user or admin. Do they send you to school for trolling or something. Actually you are the first reddit user that has commented here and not used profanity so I commend you for that.


    So are you the one that determines what everyone should enjoy on reddit?

    Perhaps you are the same one deleting all my subs?

    Any and all reddit troll comments are welcome here. You just make my case for me..

    Please comment more redditors. 😉

  • John Carcutt


    I happen to “enjoy” SEO. Where does that leave me?

    Please don’t lump all SEOs into a single category, thats why “SEO” is a different term than “Spammer”. We can be in the field and not abuse social sites. It is possible I promise you.

  • Benjamin Teo


    Your response is fine however in saying that what I enjoy, doesn’t everyone submit stuff that they enjoy and like?

    I submit stuff to reddit that I’ve submitted to digg, and they are not spam sites. You take a look at my digg acc and tell me I’m a spammer?

    So in saying so I’m contributing as much as possible to digg. If you want to say I’m still a marketer that’s fine because you are also due to have your own opinions.

    Anyhow if you and the rest of the admin community think I’m a marketer /spammer than fine I will never use reddit again & in saying that I’ve never gotten a msg from any other user telling me I’m marketing or spamming.

    Well its time to hang up the gloves and delete the account, no point in using a site that is clearly run by admins. No offense I know you have responsibilities, but banning me and others that I know and who don’t even benefit from reddit than that’s just wrong man…

  • undacted


    Let’s go through a checklist to see if you are a VALUABLE contributor (instead of one of those marketers/spammers).

    Do you read the articles that you submit?
    Do you watch the videos that you submit?
    Do you view the photos?

    Do you find the original source of an image by searching, using image recognition tools, or with links?
    How about with videos? Do you type in the watermark into google to find the original?
    Do you search for duplicates of stories before you post?
    Are you actually interested in the content that you post? Do you discuss it in the comments with other interested people?
    Do you participate in the community?

    >I happen to “enjoy” SEO. Where does that leave me?

    If people don’t seem to like your content, then make your own subreddit and promote it to interested individuals.

    There are a bunch of subreddits where content is promoted and shared that would, in other areas, be considered spam.

    You guys seem to lack the creativity to use the features of the reddit system. Subreddits are communities of users who share a similar interest.

    In fact, hey! We all seem to be interested in journals about search engines, since we’re all here; search marketing news; and even SEO! I’ve gone ahead and started a subreddit on reddit that is made just for this sort of interest! In this subreddit, we could share related content with each other! Because, well, these articles that we are interested in should be shared with people of SIMILAR INTEREST, rather than trying to get the pageviews from a crowd of people who aren’t at all interested. I welcome you to join me in submitting content! If you would like to be a moderator, I would be more than happy to discuss the issue with you, and perhaps get you on the team with me!

  • Adam Pieniazek

    The problem with Digg, Reddit, Mixx et al is that they mimic real life democracies too well. Whenever there is power to be gained, forces will collude, cheat, etc to gain as much of that power as possible.

    I’m a big fan of Reddit, and I won’t chime in on whether you did or did not deserve to be banned Gerald, but it’s a problem with all social voting sites and there’s really no solution. There will be people who try to “game” the system and the system will then become paranoid and ban some users who didn’t deserve it.

    Yes, it sucks but I’m sure there’s something devious going on at Digg, Mixx, Stumble etc just as much as Reddit.

  • undacted


    It’s ALWAYS convenient to shut down logical arguments on the internet by calling the other individual a “troll.”

    That sort of weak attack merely demonstrates the fact that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    You are treating this as though you are the only person who has ever been banned on reddit. “Internet, the bad man closed the door on me. Halp!” You do realize how easy it is to create another account, correct? You do realize how easy it is to contact an admin or a moderator, correct?

    Trolling is overrated. Your reaction is priceless enough. Nobody likes having an anonymous user speaking out against their opinion. Fact.

    But, I like the “Cry more” policy, and think you should continue to make attacks based on sweeping judgements, and ignorance. That will get you pretty far in life.

    Reddit is more than a link blog. It is a living and breathing community. And the community itself has only just begun to realize the full potential of the site’s structure and capabilities.

  • robeph


    Have you tried emailing/messaging the admins to find out what exactly is going on? I’ve had responses from them on almost every issue I’ve had with reddit.

  • Matt

    The only thing which amazes me is that people get so hot under the collar about all this stuff. How many people who contribute to Reddit, Digg, Mixx etc are in it for the greater good? Seriously? Most people have an agenda, don’t they? They either want to say “look how cool I am” or “come visit my website”. Or both. What’s wrong with admitting that? It’s all marketing.

  • http://rackjite.comKick! Newscat

    Thank You Gerald!!!

    While I’m sorry this has happened to you too, my friend and I have been up 24/7 trying to figure this out, or – and I see the folly of this now, get a reply from a mod, or a clue on askreddit.

    My screen looks EXACTLY like yours. The difference
    is that I didn’t know that I was the only one who
    could see IT or me anywhere until about 10 minutes
    ago when my friend searched and got the infamous
    404 message!

    We have both been submitting for two years, without having any posts pulled. The recent remodel seems to have been a convenient time to dump some people. It is the apex of RUDE to continue
    to accept submissions, but fail to clue the hapless
    redditer in on the fact that as it has been said, they are a ghost.
    That said, I know it would be asking too much to warn people if they are on the verge of being dumped. Apparently the mods dislike confrontation, or mingling with the underlings.

    I would not return to a place which operates in that manner. You mentioned Mixx, I’ll check it out first thing, and be very appreciative if there are anymore suggestions. Like you, I’ve been Dugg, and even Stumbled, and thought Reddit was the best.
    There must be others by now which can leave reddit
    and their mysterious ways in the dust.

    Thanks again, I’m so grateful you shared your horrible experience, and with others here shed light on it.

  • Oh No Reddit

    It seems all of my posts from my personal blog have been deleted for you lot to see but I can quite happily gawk at the fact that “I Belive” everyone on the net could see it! woo!

  • Judith Lindsay

    You got me really thinking hard on this subject thank you for this Gerald Weber. AMAZING!!! I am on about 18 social sites but if REDDIT is doing this to you I don’t want to partake of illness that is not license to ill. Bad Bad Bad. Just say no to REDDIT! I am!
    Love this! You nailed it! Congratulations! Fly Boy G wins WINS wins!!!

  • Judith Lindsay


  • Simply Ridiculous

    Forget Reddit.. Mixx and Propeller rock!!

  • Kaushik

    I have similar experiences with Reddit. Yes, it has started to stink. I’m starting to experiment with Mixx and Propeller.

  • Sheree Motiska

    The definition of social media includes the term “user generated content,” plain and simple.

    I’m, once again, utterly disgusted with this display of taking all of the strides we’ve made in censorship being lifted, for the most part, gone.

    Who decides what is ‘appropriate” and what is “offensive” in a situation that is completely voluntary? And, even more absurd, these sites (all about the user my butt) depends on those who take the time to provide that content in the first place.

    Ban everyone who made the site successful is a bad plan. Even my kid could see that it’s simply self-destructive.

    Mixx it up Ger. You’ll be the guy who finds the one(s) who stand tall in the end.

  • Capt Kirk

    At least it’s not as bad as winding up on and being at the mercy of the mob.

  • Bannination DotCom has been “shadowbanning” their users (even the paying ones) for ages now. Google “fark shadowban”. Imaging PAYING for a service to have their mods revoke your privileges without even telling you.

  • Someone who may or may not be also banned

    It’s OK, you can go to instead. It really is run democratically, and you’ll almost certainly not get banned.

  • SkArcher

    Fark does this to paying users, letting them keep paying $5 a month without telling them that their posts are never seen by anyone else.

    Once people wised up, there was the bannination.

  • Bannination’s Mob

    Capt Kirk,

    I don’t think you should complain, after all… you were the one telling a woman who has a child with autism that she should get over it since her kid isn’t sick, he’s just retarded. And then wrapped up your finale with running her off calling her a leech and a loser for having to move into her parents’ home.

    Yea.. the mob thinks you are an absolute douche, and the mob is right.

  • You’llGetOverIt

    “you were the one telling a woman who has a child with autism that she should get over it since her kid isn’t sick, he’s just retarded.”

    Yeah, that’s how we roll at bN…

  • Capt Kirk

    What I’m too chickenshit to admit is that if I was one of the Reddit power users, I’d be the most abusive person ever seen to moderate any site on the internets. I’m just boo hooing because Bannination doesn’t let me get away with hitleresque genocide of posts.

  • Drew Curtis

    I gave up on ages ago. is where it’s at these days. True community moderation for the masses and delightful personalities like the immortal Capt. Kirk. Come watch him arse-rape the helpless. It’s like 4chan but more low-brow.

  • creepy stalker with 50% less stalking!
    No really we have some sociopaths on our site but besides that its not a bad place to hang out.

  • Kyle

    Man, that is super shady. Looks like I won’t submit to sub-reddits anymore.

  • T

    You got kicked/banned for good reason, you’re unfairly promoting content that’s generally shit. No system is perfect but I believe that the masses have spoken so live with it.

  • Gerald Weber


    I don’t know any other nice way to say that this is not Reddit. You are welcome to disagree and we want you to be heard however, future comments with profanity will be deleted.

    “No system is perfect but I believe that the masses have spoken so live with it.”

    It’s actually not the masses that do the banning it’s a single admin and in some cases a single subreddit user.

    I personally don’t care about living with it because I’m not really fond of the way Reddit allows single users to “play god” with submissions. The main point of this post was to expose the fact that reddit tricks users into thinking they have an active account when they have been actually been banned.

    Since this article has been published I have many many friends that were banned from Reddit who are also well known well respected members of the Digg community. While their submission are deleted and accounts are banned on Reddit the same submissions do quite well on Digg.

    Now I know not either system is perfect also but the individual user control and censorship going on over at Reddit is really over the top.

  • Dede

    That is very clever of Reddit to do this! Craigslist does the same thing with submissions. You are ghosted but still your post show in your account.
    If not digg or reddit, then would you go to stumble upon?
    I used reddit at times and now I want to leave as well. I feel that it is pointless to use this service.

  • Gerald Weber


    I’m already very active on StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon and Twitter are my two top platforms and I’m pretty sure they will always be right at the top of the list.

    I have found so much amazing content from StumbleUpon and met some great people there as well. Twitter is also amazing. I’ve met so many awesome people and made many great friends from Twitter.

  • em

    Really, the best option to actually go with is to STOP using reddit. They don’t want you, obviously. Tell all your SEO friends or we will gladly kick them out ourselves.

  • Gerald Weber


    If you took the time to read the post you would see I was not using Reddit for SEO nor was I submitting SEO related posts. Nor did reddit have any way to judge me as an SEO at the time they banned me. I was simply participating on Reddit and attempting to participate in the community.

    Most of the friends of mine that were banned are successful Digg users and not SEOs.

  • SEOverreaction

    You tried to manipulate a social bookmarking site, and they found out and stopped you clogging the tubes. Big surprise.

    Honestly, the way they choose to “ghost” people instead of outright blocking them I found to be an elegant and intelligent way to remove unwanted users.

    The structure of Reddit is not precisely democratic, but it works and generally provides interesting content without a whole bunch of SEO guys wonking things up.

  • Gerald Weber

    “but it works and generally provides interesting content without a whole bunch of SEO guys wonking things up.”

    I never participated on Reddit as an SEO.

    “The structure of Reddit is not precisely democratic”

    Correct it’s exactly the opposite of democratic and completely manipulated by single users who are allowed to “play God” with individual sub reddit submissions

    The ghost banning while you think is genius I’m sure has pissed off many many people who were legitimately attempting to participate on Reddit only to find out that they have been participating as a ghost.

    Seriously uncool, really.

  • Man Manson

    Let’s see. You spam and SEO work, and throw around a few random submissions on social bookmarking sites pretending that somehow covers your tracks. It probably helps you feel better.

    You spam digg and manage to lose out there. That takes skill, really. Don’t get your (mostly imaginary) e-army all mounted for battle against reddit because you got caught.

    Y’know, I’ve been an active reddit user for over a year now, and I can safely say, that while the front page has lost some quality content, the users are mostly intelligent and tight-knit as a community. I may have to scan down sometimes but often I get to see comments from someone who can definitely add insight to the relevant submission.

    And the moderators do not have the imagined powers you mentioned. And the admins are constantly communicating with users about improving the site, even though it went open source months ago. You think that model is bad? And you think vain microblogging a la twitter is good? No you like it because you can game it; it doesn’t have a big mean ol’ system that weeds out zits like you.

    Grow up and be a man, not this pompous man-child you are now. You can take your toys and leave. If it means you have to relinquish your imaginary throne as king of social/networking sites, then so be it. You’d gain at least some respect for that. But I’d bet you don’t give a damn about respect. You’re in it for the attention alone, aren’t you, you weasel?

  • Gerald Weber

    Man Manson,

    “it doesn’t have a big mean ol’ system that weeds out zits like you.”

    “You’re in it for the attention alone, aren’t you, you weasel?”

    Wow! creative name calling!

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Gerald Weber

    @average harsh reddit user



    Your comments have been deleted due to profanity and personal attacks.

    I have said this before. You are welcome to disagree but if you can’t think of something to say more creative than profanity and name calling your comment will simply be deleted.

    I find it very interesting the Redditors can’t comment here without the name calling and profanity. This only further makes my point that there is something seriously wrong going on over at Reddit especially if these are the same people running the sub Reddits. I can imagine them unleashing this anger on other users submissions that they don’t like.

  • The Dude Dean

    Gman, I guess all my Wired and Ars Submissions *MUST* but spam! Those Reddit people got me! I am a spammer for Wired, Arstechnica (owned by Wired), Mashable, techcrunch, Discovery, NBC6, The Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post, The Sun Sentinel and PC World. That’s the Ticket!

    Or maybe I Watch my local New and I read great tech web site.

  • Canman

    I have read through your comments and I am now in no doubt that reddit did the right thing when they banned you.

    Good riddance!

  • Canman

    Funny you delete comments here, what makes you so different than reddit? All bull but no substance, eh?

  • a_redditor

    Your response is laughable. It’s quite clear to us that you were involved in SEO activities on reddit. That’s why your account was flagged. That’s why we don’t want you back. A normal user, had their account been flagged, would simply create a new one. It’s quite easy. But you couldn’t, because you need that account. If you don’t have it, you have to start all over. That’s why this decision is (apparently) so hard for you. You need to decide whether or not to build up a reputation on a different reddit account, or move on to another site, because reddit is too good at tagging people like you. Well I assure you that reddit’s system of tagging spammers (yes spammers) like yourself will only get better. If you create a new account it will be tagged. There’s no point in continuing on reddit, and no one wants you to anyway.

    Canman makes a good point. You whine and moan about how subreddit admins can delete submissions, but why would your submission get deleted of there was no reasoning for it? Abusive subreddit admins are no more welcome that yourself. I don’t see why this can even be an argument for you. When you’re clearly exhibiting SEO behavior, nothing else should be expected. Your submissions will be deleted. Your account will be disabled.

    I dearly hope you see how low and disrespectful your operation is. I think of it as the internet equivalent of panhandling. No thank you sir, I don’t need my windshield cleaned, and I certainly don’t need my search engine optimized. Please, for the sake of legitimate reddit users, go to mixx. Actually, don’t go to mixx. Stop this altogether. Get a real job. There are some people that would have noticed, when all their accounts got deleted, that this is not a good thing to be doing. But you…you decide to go on your blog, blindly supported by your SEO buddies, and whine about it.

    And I suppose this is good. Your SEO buddies will say “Hey, maybe reddit isn’t the right place to do this.” And it’s true. Reddit will find you and stop you. Yes, of course, you’ll say to the end of the earth that you weren’t spamming your clients’ websites on reddit, but the simple truth is that the system caught you doing it. And even if the system did make a mistake, you shouldn’t have any qualms with creating a new account if you weren’t doing it.

    So in conclusion, you clearly were doing it, and you’ll get caught if you try it again. Leave reddit…NOW!

  • bigyaz

    You keep denying that your posts were SEO-related. But you never deny that they’re promotional spam, whether it’s for yourself or a client.

    Sounds like you’re trying to play with words to hide the truth: You’re a spammer. Based on the evidence, most of us aren’t buying what you’re selling.

  • Gerald Weber

    Well of course it is simple enough to create a new account the main point here is principle. It’s highly manipulated by individuals that reddit allows to pay God with submission.

    I do appreciate you leaving your comment and cleaning up the profanity this time. =)

  • Gerald Weber


    No not promotional. I submitted stuff to reddit that I found interesting, useful or entertaining. This is the essence of social media/user generated content.


    I really don’t like ever deleting comments regardless of how opposing the opinions and viewpoints might be. I have even let a few of the ones with name calling and profanity stand just.

    However It has been stated over and over to please mind your language. As long as you refrain from name calling and profanity the comments won’t be deleted.

    This is much differnet from a Reddit sub reddit admin/user deleting a submission simply because they personally do not like the submission or users.

  • dtjb

    @Gerald – re your comment “It’s highly manipulated by individuals that reddit allows to pay God with submission.”

    I think people have a misunderstanding about the way subreddits work. They are individual communities that were created by the moderator, and the moderator is give full range on how they want to shape that community. They can enforce rigid standards to keep submissions or comments on topic, or they can be completely lax.

    It’s not so much as the moderators are given permission to “play god” with submissions, but they certainly are allowed to play god with their personal subreddits that they created. If you don’t agree with a moderators behavior, submit to a different subreddit or create your own.

  • infomate team

    2Gerald Weber and others who are dissatisfied with the existing online communities(Digg, Reddit, Mixx, etc.)

    Why don’t you give a try to It’s a non-commercial fully democratic online community. It works through a mixture of direct and representative democratic processes.

    The friends system, community tagging and elected moderators(severely limited in power and their actions can be “overturned” by the community) ensure that there is little mob mentality on the site.

    P.S. I’ll hang around here in case you’ve got questions.

  • Sea Man

    You are a proven spammer and Reddit is much better off without you. I know you will moderate this comment, but I hope you will at least have read it. You will fail at demonizing Reddit just like you failed to play the spam game.

  • Gerald Weber

    infomate team,

    Thanks for the info. I’ll certainly check it out.

    Sea Man,

    Not moderating your comment.

    I was actually enjoying the Reddit community for the first 5 months. The problem is again partly the fact that sub Reddit admin that over see some of the main categories can simply delete submission simply because they personally do not like the submission or that user.

    Reddits definition of spam is largely subjective and there is mostly individual personal opinion (and emotion) that goes into determining if something is considered spam. You don’t like a couple submission and BAM that makes them spam.

    It really is unfortunate because there are some aspects of Reddit that are quite nice.

    My approach to Reddit was the same as all other social media platforms I participate in. I submit content that I think is either useful, interesting, or entertaining and that I think other may also enjoy.

    Of course people are not always going to agree and my understanding is, that is why there is a voting system but Reddit users go overboard and call it spam simply because dislike a particular submission or user and then they go on the personal attack, and then a mad Witch hunt ensues follow by well what seems to have been some recent MASS ghost banning of accounts.

  • Gerald Weber

    I want to personally thank everyone that took the time to comment on this


    We sincerely appreciate and value your opinions and insights. 🙂

  • Reddit User

    Hey Gerald,

    I wanted to comment on your recent Reddit article, but you had turned off comments already for some reason. Hopefully you will get this in a timely fashion.

    It seems like you feel that subreddits are often moderated by one single user, similar to a Digg power user. This, in fact, is rarely the case, and thus I felt the need to correct your misconception. Moderators are extremely understanding and helpful, and do not want to block people unless it’s blindingly obvious that a particular user is a bot, a SEO, etc., and they are also degrading the content of a particular subreddit.

    If you’re still reading at this point, you should check this series of screenshots out:

    I picked three popular subreddits to make a point: there is more than one moderator in each of those. There is more than two as well. In fact, in just those three subreddits, they range from four to twelve moderators, and that’s not including the admins, which are hidden to users, and have more “moderating power” than the moderators do.

    I’m not sure why you couldn’t have just made a new account to look at this yourself, or if you are just bitter after having been found out, but you should try to do some research before you go and write an article about “something devious” going on at Reddit.

    If you feel the need to respond to me, create a new user name and post a well-worded, legitimate self response that won’t get voted down immediately. If you do so, you’ll undoubtedly get plenty of trolls, flamers and general idiots, but you’ll be sure to get some good discussion going on the topic if you phrase it right and present both sides of the argument.

    If Reddit is no longer your cup of tea, go for Mixx. I know nothing about it, but I’m sure it’s much, much better than Reddit.

    Good luck in your internet travels