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Dayparting with Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing

Dayparting with Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing

Jennifer Slegg reports on Search Engine Watch that Google AdWords is about to rollout dayparting and new scheduling features. Dayparting is the ability to serve ads during certain parts of the day, which is specifically nice for local businesses, targeting for morning, lunch or dinner time, and keeping contextual ads controlled for targeted branding at certain times of the daily cycle.

With Yahoo Search Marketing also offering dayparting for all marketers in their new advertising technology system, Google and Yahoo are taking away one management feature which has given third party API based ad management systems an advantage (since they could simply pause and restart ads at certain parts of the day). It should also be noted that Yahoo Search Marketing has offered dayparting for large high expense campaigns for some time.

* We are releasing this ad scheduling functionality at the request of advertisers and agencies who have asked for greater campaign management control.

* AdWords’ new ad scheduling functionality will enable advertisers to drive greater returns from AdWords by providing them with more granular control over when their ads run and how much they bid.

* Ad scheduling allows advertisers to run their ads and modify their bids based on time of day as well as intra-day and intra-week cycles in campaign performance.

* Small business and local advertisers can now schedule their ads to run only during business hours.

* More sophisticated advertisers can now better capture & exploit intra-day and intra-week cycles of buyer behavior.

* We are planning to role it out to all advertisers next month.

Jennifer notes that Google and Yahoo are adding these much desired features in an effort to play catch up with MSN adCenter, which has enticed customers with dayparting and demographic targeting.

Having such targeting at the disposal of advertisers who are running search campaigns on Google, Yahoo AND Microsoft will bring an all around better ROI for the search marketing industry as a whole and also boost its growth among small businesses.

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Dayparting with Google AdWords & Yahoo Search Marketing

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