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I know that there are clients that do not really understand why SEO’s and Internet Marketers are recommending different online marketing strategies.  I also know what it is like to explain the whys and hows (and dealing with the one difficult person that doesn’t like change). I think the infographic below, called What Happens on The Net in 60 Seconds, can help you easily show clients what options they have and let them choose which mediums they feel they can help maintain. Here are some Q&A examples:

It is important to note not all marketing strategies work for everyone. There are many factors to consider first and research is required to ensure goals are attainable.

  • Should a business have employees on LinkedIn? – There are 100 new accounts every 60 seconds so the possibilities are…
  • Why should one invest in real content marketing? With 1,500 new blog posts every minute everyone needs to be concerned with being different, effective and visible with users and search engines. If you are going to have a blog make sure you have the time to do it right.
  • Should a business take time to maintain a Facebook page? – With 510,040 comments, 79,364 wall posts & 695,000 status updates every 60 seconds I think the option should be considered in a big way.
  • Should a business invest in a professional for video marketing? – With 600 new videos on YouTube every 60 seconds it is really important to stand out and get found. Businesses should hire someone that knows how to properly market a video.
  • Should a business take the time to answer questions online? – This depends, is there a qualified staff member that has the time to scan and Yahoo Answers and respond in a way that can help the business?
  • Why even consider Tumblr? – Those that use Tumbler are serious about it and they add 20,000 new posts every 60 seconds. There are demographics to be targeted on Tumblr.
  • Why buy multiple domains? – There must be a valid reason that 70+ domains are registered every minute. I buy all the domains I think I might use and buy domains I don’t want my competitors to have/use.
  • Should you bother with Scribd? – There are 1,600 reads every 60 seconds, so if it  can be done right Scribd might be an option.

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Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • That graphic and the details you provided should easily answer the question for anyone wanting to take their business online. It should also be very promising for anyone that understands the internet marketing business. The future is bright for those who understand internet marketing and can help others find their place in the online world – especially small businesses who can level the playing field in the search engines.

    Great article, thanks for sharing the details.

  • Melissa,
    thanks for publishing the infographic! It visualizes the SEO and web marketing channels’ dynamics in a comprehensible form, which is a great aid in explaining things to a customer. Facebook and Youtube look unbeatable so far. I think this infographic is very helpful for medium and smaller business strategizing as it clearly demonstrates what maximum they can get with the budget they are able to invest.

  • Melisa,
    Great article, Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for this very detailed article. It really gives some insight on how internet marketing can help small and local businesses find their place in the online world.

  • Loving the infographic, really useful and an interesting read