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Dailymotion : Video Marketing on this Global Version of YouTube

I am happy to announce my first in a series of posts on video marketing on video sharing sites. I will be going off of the global list of top trafficked video sites, as ranked by Alexa.

Obviously the first would be YouTube but since I have been doing some posts on this already at Search Engine Journal, I have moved on to our next site at the Alexa Top 40; Dailymotion.

For each site, I will give a drill down on the community itself, an overview of its history and tools and tricks on how to market on it.

  • Dailymotion was first started as a video sharing site based in France near the same time YouTube was created.
  • Dailymotion is active in 19 countries with each countries access point completly dedicated, optimized and language specific.
  • The largest concentration of people on Dailymotion are 18-24 but 25-34 and 45-54 are a close 2nd and 3rd. 42% of Dailymotion’s traffic are hard core addicts on the site and 45% are regulars making dailymotion a site composed of a loyal fan base rather than a lot of passer bys.
  • Quantcast reports a global 42 million monthly unique visitors making Dailymotion a dreamland for International video marketers.

For connecting socially with users, Dailymotion has made some changes recently to their mail function. They have now required friend requests to be approved to make it harder for people to randomly send friend requests to them flood their friends with emails unwantedly.

You can add Dailymotion videos to your eBay auctions as well. Dailymotion also has a nice feature where you can map your videos according to where they where produced which ads a nice level of interaction for your videos.

Dailymotion has some exciting tools included into their system that make for a great resource for video marketers.

  • You have the ability to directly post a video to a blog right from the video you are watching. This makes it very handy if you have a pre-set of blogs you use to push more views to videos.
  • You can create a video wall which is a script of up to 81 videos that can be generated into small boxes and dumped into a widget to place on a site of your choice.
  • The Dailymotion jukebox allows you to create a virtual jukebox clone that plays your top favorite and selected videos. It allows you to create a script to insert of your chosen websites.
  • The way you get videos popular on Dailymotion is to get other users to add your video as favorites. The “Most Popular Videos” list displays the videos that have received the most “votes” in the last fifteen days.
  • Motion Maker is a status on dailymotion that allows you to upload videos at no set length requirments and means you have reached a certain status on Dailymotion.
  • Spread this video feature allows you to leverage other social sites to help spread the word of the video uploaded to your account. Find this on the page your video is on.
  • Share this video feature allows you to add all of your friends from daily motion to an email blast or you can enter emails in manually with a note to help click throughs and call to actions.
  • Take advantage of groups on Dailymotion. Each group has a specific target audience and you can quickly and easily attract users to watch your video while submitting it to groups.
  • Dailymotion is host to many TV shows and not limited to only user submitted content which makes daily motion a bit different.
  • The site has user submitted content from around the world which has made it a cross plateform for many types of verticles.
  • As far as off site tools I would suggest getting familiar with Miro. Dailymotion does not allow you to download videos and either does Youtube however this system allows you to download videos if needed.

I have noticed that a lot of the content is Creative Commons on Dailymotion for unique work uploaded and distributed rounding out the featured videos section.

A video that is submitted which has to do in part with an already existing TV show or famous person tends to do well on Dailymotion along with adult oriented content.

Dailymotion has over 26 verticals to submit to which make for a wide audience and wide varity of people to attract. The community is entertainment based and individual driven, they even have a channel called Flirt. I’ll let you all check that out to see what its about.

To become a video star and gain a following is not a hard thing to do. Just put some time into building your friends and submit good content along with utilizing the tools I have suggested and you should find success on Dailymotion.

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Dailymotion : Video Marketing on this Global Version of YouTube

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