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Want New Ideas and Inspiration? Start a New Project

Want New Ideas and Inspiration? Start a New Project

A few weeks ago Loren announced that we had started a new project – Daily SEO tip, a blog featuring one SEO tip per day. A friend of mine asked me why we decided to start a new project from scratch while both of us have established projects of our own where we had put much time and effort already.

Really, is it better to invest all your time and resources into one established site or is it worth trying something new? Here are my points:

  • A new project means a new idea and concept. We focused on an idea first: one short actionable piece of advice daily: this couldn’t be implemented on SEJ because it features multiple articles (both news and guides) daily.
  • A new project means trying out new techniques. SEJ is a well-known resource with an established reputation and attitude. We wanted something more interactive, relaxed and social. We wanted to try new plugins, play with social sharing buttons, various methods of user-engagement and social promotion. New project is easier to play and experiment with as you don’t risk anything and also don’t need to beak any stereotypes.
  • A new project means reaching new audience. People are more willing to share new sites. Newly launched sites are more viral (that’s another reason why launching a viral campaign is better using a fresh micro-site).

So definitely, I do think new projects are worth it. If you need more inspiration, ideas and opportunities, start new site…

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Want New Ideas and Inspiration? Start a New Project

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