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Creating Awesome Content for Your Brand

Your brand is off to a great start with a professional design and a unique look, but until you’ve got it backed up with quality content, it’s going nowhere. An empty brand that doesn’t deliver is worthless. You need a brand that is full of useful, quality content that will ensnare potential clients and convince them that your service is second to none.

I’ve put together a list of a few things that you should consider when developing your content.

Capture Their Interest

You want to grab your viewers the second they see your brand. Your logo will get their attention. Your content needs to captivate them. Attention spans are getting shorter, with the very media that you’re using to build your brand as the cause. If you can’t capture the interest of your viewer within a few seconds, they’re going elsewhere. I guarantee it.

Understand Your Audience

It’s the key to capturing them. You can’t create highly focused content for your brand without knowing who you’re focusing on. Get to know your audience. Learn what they’re looking for and how they look for it. Know what captures their attention and what drives them away. These are the keys I use when I’m developing content. It really does work.

Convey the Point

Don’t be a slave to the almighty word count. Take it from me, I’ll write you 300 words that get more results than most 1,000 word posts. How? No fluff. Write an article with a single thought. Get to the point and get there quickly. Don’t stray from the topic. Lose the filler and drop the irrelevant material. Deliver the point in a concise and simple format that readers enjoy. Remember, search engines are almost as smart as real people, so they’ll like it to.

Explain What Comes Next

I like to think of an article as a line. Readers follow it along, absorbing the information, until they get to the end of the post. That’s where I tie my hook. Just like fishing, I bait them in with the content that they need, and then hook them at the end by giving them the next step. I explain to them what they should do. Whether it’s a subscription form, a related article, or just some great comments, readers who liked your content are hungry for more. Give it to them.

Follow these few simple steps when creating the content for your brand. You’ll be rewarded with a following of loyal readers who instantly recognize your brand as one that delivers the quality content they’re looking for.

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Creating Awesome Content for Your Brand

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