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Copernic Desktop Search Now Supports Mozilla Thunderbird

Copernic Desktop Search Now Supports Mozilla Thunderbird

Copernic today announced the availability of a new and improved version (1.5) of its Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) product that fully supports Mozilla Thunderbird, including indexing of Thunderbird emails, attachments, and contacts. Also announced was support for indexing Eudora emails and attachments and many exciting new features based on feedback from a wide variety of users.

“CDS continues to get rave reviews from press, analysts, and bloggers, and to beat the major portals in the battle for the desktop,” said David M. Burns, CEO of Copernic. “CDS 1.5 is jam-packed with lots of cool new features that are fun for everyone to use, and it’s the only free desktop search that fully supports Mozilla’s Thunderbird email application and Firefox browser.”

Copernic Desktop Search features also include:

+ Filmstrip viewing of images, an embedded audio/video player, and the ability to search JPEG picture comments, iTunes songs by artist and album, and metadata indexing of QuickTime movies and OGG audio files.

+ COM API that allows them to write CDS plug-ins for indexing additional file types

+ Specific category search now automatically displays a summary box with the number of matching results in all other categories

“We are pleased that Copernic is supporting both Firefox and Thunderbird,” said Chris Hofmann, Director of Engineering at the Mozilla Foundation. “Together, Firefox and Thunderbird have been downloaded 29 million times, and industry support from companies like Copernic helps us to achieve our mission of preserving choice and innovation on the Internet.”

“In addition to all the new email indexing and multimedia features, CDS 1.5 provides a greatly improved user experience thanks to dozens of usability-related improvements,” said Eric Bouchard, EVP of Products for Copernic. “We took great care to make the best even better. Competing products simply do not compare to CDS in terms of ease of use, features, and overall quality.”

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Copernic Desktop Search Now Supports Mozilla Thunderbird

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