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Conversion Rate Optimization (#CRO) for Lead Generation Websites

Conversion rate optimization for lead generation websites is the process of identifying why visitors are not performing a predefined goal (whether converting by a phone call or form submission) and working to increase those numbers after a comprehensive analysis suggests change. Seems simple, right?

With so many variables at play, this task can be quite daunting. For the small business owner, having a website is critical. However, if you wish dominate your market in this tough digital age, you should strongly consider investing time into CRO.

The processes found below are implemented on No Risk SEO Inc. clients’ behalf as this provides tremendous value and allows them to reach new heights regarding their ROI. Since many of our clients in high ticket industries such as plastic surgeons, top real estate brokers, insurance agencies, franchise sales, etc. increasing lead form conversions by 10% can have a profound impact their business.

The techniques found below were responsible for the 33.33 percent increase in leads for one of NoRiskSEO’s clients specializing in metal building sales.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Lead Generation WebsitesScreenshot Taken 4/17/2014 from

The ability to capture additional market share is available to all service-based businesses. Based on a large sample of historical data, employing the techniques and strategies below will help raise your conversions to new levels.

Of course, tracking conversions is of the utmost importance. We strongly recommend utilizing phone call tracking in addition to setting up form submission tracking within Google Analytics.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Lead Generation Websites

You should care about conversion rate optimization because one way or another, you end up paying for your traffic (whether it’s with money or time). Why not monetize that traffic it to its fullest ability? Do as electricity would and take the path of least resistance. It is not logical to attract more visitors at a low conversion rate. Increase your current conversion rate, then invest in attracting more targeted visitors.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices accounted for nearly one third of all web traffic in the fourth quarter of 2013. Why is this important?

Because you want more conversions! Have a mobile version of your website will allow your visitors to easily access any information proven to be valuable by your data analysis.  Click to call is extremely important. Do not have your phone number as an image. It’s very frustrating as a user when you want to call for a service, and you have to remember that number. Use technology to your benefit. Personally, a few sites lost my conversion because of it.

Off-Site Tip: Running an Adwords campaign? Use call extensions to increase conversions.

About Us Page

An attractive about us page with pictures of your team members can go a long way. With potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of similar services being offered, why wouldn’t you showcase your team and its talent? Many competitors of our clients just have a blob of text on the page. In my opinion, that is horrific. We’ve seen some conversions on the about us page after visitors identify exactly who’s experience fits their need. (i.e – A large insurance firm where one staff member specializes in key man life insurance and focused on this sub-niche for 20 years.)

A visitor looking for key man life insurance is surely to appreciate that specific expertise and will ask for that individual by name. They will know that your firm is well equipped to handle that need. If you had generic “about us” text, this conversion may have never happened. Why would I want to do business with a company of which I have no clue who I am potentially working with? Showcase your experience; put a face to your brand. This will make your visitors feel more comfortable reaching out to you.

shorter forms for conversion rate optimizationScreenshot Taken 4/17/2014 from

Short Form

Only collect information you actually need. Not want. A case study we did at No Risk SEO Inc. proved this alone yielded a 60.18% increase in leads. You can have your staff follow-up for pertinent details. Keep in mind; you’re fighting for that visitor’s time. If your form looks dangerously long, this can be a major turn-off. If your form must be long, break it down into steps. After someone fills out step 1, they will feel semi-committed to finishing. Additionally, they will likely not want to start the research process over again just to retype that same information. (If they’re typing anything in your form, you likely “sold them” on your company).

Get Rid of Submit

Do you like “submitting” your information? Tell people what they will get from filling out your form. Are you giving them a quote? Are you going to call them? Try “Let’s Talk”, “Receive Quote”, or “Get Offer”. Be creative!

Social Proof

Own a lawn maintenance company? On your form, try listing how many people you’ve helped or reached out to you. Under your form, maybe have “We’ve mowed over 23,000 lawns” or “Trusted by over 850 homeowners”.

Trust Symbols

Are you trustworthy? Many times, people will fail to reach out to you because your website does not appear trustworthy. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? Are you licensed by a State regulatory agency?  Show off your trust symbols. It goes a long way in instilling trust. This plays a large role in whether someone is comfortable enough with your company to reach out to you.

Results/Case Studies/Accomplishments

Constantly update your latest results and/or case studies. People who consider doing business with you want to see how you helped people just like them solve a similar problem.  If you are in a business that doesn’t have the best industry reputation, show people you’re different and you get the job done. Include images or video if possible.


Avoid light backgrounds with light font and vice versa for dark backgrounds. Try to match the colors of your website with your company if possible. Contrast is your friend. Utilize images and proper alignment to enhance your pages appearance.

Page Load Speed

Just because you’re running a T1, it doesn’t mean your visitors are. Imagine they are at a Free Wi-Fi location like Starbucks with 10 other people who are draining bandwidth. Nothing will aggravate a potential visitor more than a website not loading in a favorable amount of time. Your pages should load within 3 seconds. Here’s a great page speed testing tool to see how you’re doing.

Clear & Concise Call to Actions

Try to compel your visitor within five seconds with a primary call to action that stands out above the fold. Avoid dull colors. Incorporate a small form. Give them your best reason to contact you. A/B test these call to actions. Have a guarantee? Free inspection? Free analysis? Bundled Package? Again, you’re fighting for their time.

If it is not abundantly clear, you may lose out on that visitor. You may argue that you can’t deliver your message in a short way. Try a bit harder, you can save that juicy message and/or offer for other areas within the website.

Blobs of Text

Let thy eyeballs breathe! Nothing is more irritating than 750 words of text in two paragraphs. Utilize header tags to your benefit to separate ideas and topics. Use spacing liberally. Allow someone to scan your content and pinpoint what they are looking for. This is extremely difficult to do when you have huge blobs of text.

Website Architecture

Let’s say you’re a plumber. You may have a services tab. Under service, you may have a drop down about the services you offer. Some would probably include clogged drains, repairs, inspection, fixtures, etc. Just sending them to a services tab is not the best user experience as they’ll spend unnecessary time scanning this page to see if you offer this service. They can find this out in under two seconds by hovering over your services tab.

Heat Map Analysis

Look at where users are clicking. Is your most popular service listed prominently next to your home navigation? It should be. Do more people care about your credentials than services (i.e – a stockbroker)? Then you should have the meet the team page that showcases your talent. The purpose here is to not waste that precious spot next to the home page with something of little to no value.


Rather than paying someone to give their opinion on the usability of your website that is not a real interested prospect, GhostRec allows you to record real visitors surfing your website and see how they interact. This data can be invaluable pertaining to the usability of your website. Note: I am not affiliated with GhostRec in any way. 

Take Your Knowledge & Put it to Use

Now that you’ve learned all of these things, utilize them. Use annotations in Google Analytics to track your changes meticulously. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to benchmark your current stats as a reference so you can see the increase in conversions after implementing your changes.

One may read about the extraordinary success of another’s campaign, and think they just need to get traffic to their website to reach the same outcome. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Use the above tips to help increase new business via conversion rate optimization for lead generation websites. Traffic alone doesn’t make you money. Conversions do.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (#CRO) for Lead Generation Websites

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