Content Strategy & Actionable On-Page SEO Tips to Drive Traffic in 2019

Content Strategy & Actionable On-Page SEO Tips to Drive Traffic in 2019

Wednesday, January 30 at 2 PM Eastern

Creating content that satisfies both the search engine and the user is imperative if you want a fighting chance to show up on SERPs.

But how exactly do you know which content types and topics can help boost your rankings and organic traffic?

In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into content strategy for 2019 and beyond. Learn how to drive traffic to your website by:

  • Determining ideal content length, keyword usage, and keyword distribution.
  • Knowing what to include in your meta tags and how Google renders them.
  • Identifying top-performing articles, then editing and optimizing them to rank even higher.
  • Formatting content to win answer boxes.
  • Using header tags properly.
  • Identifying new topics through competitive research.

You’ll also learn how to capture readers’ attention, increase dwell time, and lower your bounce rate by diving into topics like:

  • The principles of journalism that translate to online content.
  • How to avoid dating evergreen content.
  • Common punctuation and grammar errors that make your content look less than professional.
  • Creating an editorial calendar.
  • Why you need a style guide.
  • How to format the content visually to keep the reader focused.
  • Writing headlines that are more engaging and increase CTR.
Kristi Kellogg
Presented By

Kristi Kellogg

CEO and Founder, Dazzling Digital
Danny Goodwin
Moderated By

Danny Goodwin

Executive Editor, Search Engine Journal