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Congratulations Danny

Matt McGee from noticed at the end of last week that Google had a major update of the PageRank data for the Google browser toolbar.

A reader commented that there were other updates related to the Google toolbar as well such as the key phrase suggestions feature.

Danny Sullivans new site which officially launched back in December jumped from nothing to PageRank 7. Not bad and congratulations Danny and also congratulations to your team of editors and correspondents. is of course an important news source regardless of its young age, but it is reason for a small celebration nevertheless, even if it is just an acknowledgement that is being made visible for the non-Search Marketing folks that still indulge in their obsession with the little green bar shown in the Google Toolbar.

My old site with new content also jumped back to PR4 where it ones was before the change of subject from personal homepage to resources portal. Well I do stuff slowly but steady, one PR at a time.

All this has no impact on any ranking. I ranked for certain terms related to the sites content and topic before and so did The PageRank information displayed in the toolbar is not accurate as you all know.

Matt Cutts also clarified at his blog how often the values are being updated, roughly every 3 to 4 months.

Cheers and put some Rootbeer on Ice 🙂

Carsten Cumbrowski
Search Engine Optimisation and PPC/Search Marketing Resources at, the Internet Marketing Resources Portal.


I tried it in the comments first, but they are always centered so it did not work. Here we go, text art.

 o"$$$o;""$$o.            $o.
,$ $$$$   $$$$            $$$              .
 | $$$$   $$$'     ,      $$$ .o$       .o$'
   $$$$"o$$P'.o$o. $o.,o$o.$$"$$$$ $$   $$o
   $$$$  .o$'  $$$ $$$"$$$p $  `" $$$   $$$
_,"$$$$  $$$   $$$ $$$ `" .o$   $p.`$   $$$
   4$$$  $$$  ,$$$ $$$    $$$   $$$ $   $$$
   $$P'  `4$$" $P' $$$    `4$s";$$$ $s";$$$",.'
   $P'             $P'          $P'     $$$
   '                       roy    .o$   $$$.,
                                ,s$$$$o."4$" `
                                   `$P'   ' 




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Congratulations Danny

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