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comScore Validates Accuracy of its Google Paid Click Data

comScore Validates Accuracy of its Google Paid Click Data

It looks like the issue on the declining click data of Google’s paid ads won’t just die down. Well, at least for comScore, they will just not take all the tirades thrown against them after Google released their Q1 earnings allegedly proving that comScore’s data may be wrong.But comScore want to prove that their data was accurate and that all the furors happened not from their end, but from industry analysts who erroneously made a conclusion based on comScore’s data which is based on domestic statistics, whereas Google’s earnings where based on worldwide revenues.

comScore’s even got a chart comparing Google’s domestic revenue trends and comScore’s own domestic paid click trends. Indeed, except for a slight difference both trends actually illustrate a downward path beggining Q4 of 2007 towards Q1 2008.


comScore further added that their data did not include paid clicks from Google partner sites like AOL, Ask, Washington Post and paid clicks from the Adsense network.

So, there. Maybe it’s time to put this issue to rest. And let us all just wait for next quarter’s earnings report with the hope that this kind of furor won’t happen again. Good thing we did not hit on comScore when Google released its Q1 earnings report. Or did we?

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comScore Validates Accuracy of its Google Paid Click Data

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