Comparison of the Top Three Search Engines: Bing+Yahoo > Google? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Comparison of the Top Three Search Engines: Bing+Yahoo > Google? [INFOGRAPHIC]

And now, for something completely obvious: Google owns the lion’s share of US search traffic. But could the Goliath of Search be eclipsed by the currently David-sized combo of Bing and Yahoo… in as soon as the next 18 months?

Experian’s Hitwise reports that Bing continues month over month to chip away at Google. Search agency Rosetta shows that Bing + Yahoo (Yahoo uses Bing to power its search) has a respectable 37% of retail search.

If your SEO strategy has primarily Google in its sights, now may be the time to diversify.

Gains aside, the race ahead is still steeply uphill with many skeptics on the roadside. Let’s take a look at how Yahoo, Microsoft and Google stack up in a high-level company overview, as well as search trends hinting that 2012 could be a game changer for all involved.

This is part of a special infographic series by Search Engine Journal. 


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Loren Baker
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