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Common Sense: The Secret Ingredient of any SEO Campaign

It’s a section of the brain that seems to be disintegrating through generations, and even those with high IQ’s don’t always have it. It’s something that people thrived on back in the day before computers were a common feature within a household.

So what is it that I’m talking about which seems so rare in today’s society?

Here’s a clue; it’s a natural understanding that ensures a desired outcome.

Answer: ‘Common Sense’ of course!

Now those whose lives revolve around science, who live, breathe and long for new technological advancements, will be astounded that an SEO content writer would be as slanderous to something as precious and as extraordinary as a search engine.

Thing is, I’m not actually destroying technology, it just seems the Internet has become a place where people can be lazy and does not always provide a solution that would have been found if a little common sense had taken hold.

Picture this, you’re in London, you need to see your nearest tube station. You grab your phone and Google search ‘London maps’. You spend 5 minutes trying to find the little tube station symbol whilst walking around, bumping into people as your fingers slide across your screen in desperate need. In the mean time you could have done one of two things: asked someone, or picked up a free tube station map dotted on every street corner.

In this case, common sense didn’t prevail in two forms; one was the fact they could’ve asked someone and two, the search wasn’t refined enough. However this does highlight the problem of a search engine; it only brings up what’s been optimised for and this doesn’t always give you what you need.

Following on from this, here are some vital SEO tips on how common sense (not science) can get you the results you want in the search engines.

Common Sense Tip One: Keyword Selection

Regardless of your industry, the first common sense hurdle is choosing the right keywords that will help you appear at the top spot.

So, if you are a plumber and you primarily want work in the London area, what do you think the first keyword you would want to appear for is?

That’s right ‘Plumber London’. Well done, see you do have common sense in there somewhere!

Of course, there are people who want to appear for London, as well as surrounding areas. So how would this work?

Well, firstly you can have multiple areas optimised on your home page, but be careful, anymore than three and you risk diluting the optimisation of those areas. Secondly if you have lots of areas, one suggestion is to create area pages for these phrases and optimise each page individually.

Of course, being common sense crazy, if you want all major cities within the UK, the best option would be to choose a national campaign which will bring you nationwide business.

Common Sense Tip Two: Don’t Spam

This seems such an obvious one, even to those that have limited CM. But believe it or not but some people still don’t know what’s classed as spam and think that spinning 300 articles is completely white-hat practice.

Truth is, this is where you really need to ensure that common sense kicks in otherwise you could be spending a good while in the trusty old sandbox where all the naughty websites go.

Think about how many links you’re building and the type of sites you’re building them within. Search engines love a natural strategy which comprises social media, honest on-site updates and of course content in the form of articles, press releases and guest blogs.

Common Sense Tip Three: Build Relationships

Believe it or not speaking to someone else in the industry is not going to scupper your chances of getting to the Number One spot and I’m sure they won’t steal all your knowledge and rule the world with your idea; unless you’re the Winklevoss twins of course.

So, use those in a high position to your advantage by seeing how they develop their campaigns and don’t be afraid to work with them; swap ideas, links and guest blogs if it’s suitable. It will only help you strengthen your own contacts and open the door to various possibilities with other guru s in the industry.

Common Sense Tip Four: Take a Breather

As with anything, SEO needs to be done in stages and going in at 90 mph and carrying on until you’re at the top will not only annoy the search engines and result in drastic fall backs, but users will not take you seriously.

Use your brain and think about what you want first; what are you trying to achieve?

Do you need to develop your on site optimisation, or are you wanting to brand build? Do you need more content online or more links?

It’s all about naturally creating an impression that is there to stay and maintain, rather than working hard all the time for limited return. Take a breather occasionally and create a campaign that does the work itself.

So, a little common sense will go a long way and it may just save you from being anywhere but page one.

Look out for Part 2 which discusses how many people’s common sense instinct has disappeared in the form of incorrect online medical diagnosis and troublesome tweets.

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Common Sense: The Secret Ingredient of any SEO Campaign

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