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Come Chat On Twitter With #MyBlogGuest!

My Blog Guest has always been the excellent proof of the power of the community. Started from scratch, it has never had anything except the community to back it: our users promote it via videos, reviews, and sharing. All our features are user-invented (that’s why we’ve been forced to sacrifice on the usability a bit as we have always been busy developing what our users are asking). Even our value proposition is in our users – all we’ve got is the community.

And we are willing to give back. We are setting up contests, sponsoring events and now we are introducing weekly Twitter chats – which we are *really* serious about.

Each Thursday, anyone interested in making connections, getting their questions about (guest) blogging answered and just having a good discussion can take part in our weekly Twitter chat. It is held at 11 AM EDT (3 PM GMT), and maintained by several staff members who are there to help.

#MyBlogGuest Twitter chats are aimed at helping our users understand how (guest) blogging works as well as how to make the most of it (both inside and outside our community).

MyBlogGuest twitter chat

How To Join The Chat

If you are interested in joining this weekly discussion, you can do so through your own Twitter account. Simply search the hashtag #MyBlogGuest and use the live search feature to keep up with posts (most popular Twitter clients support hashtag tracking including Tweetdeck or Seesmic (where you can add a new column to track the hashtag) and Hootsuite (where you can add a new tab for any Twitter search results)).

You can use a platform like TweetChat to more easily follow posts. Just sign in with your login details through their secure syncing program, put in the hashtag and watch it collect all posts with regular updates into one place. You can reply or post statuses from there.

TweetChat MyBlogGuest Room

We have a new topic weekly and we are excited to discuss the (guest) content strategy this week with the most awesome @SEOgadget team because they are among our smartest users.


You can learn a lot from these weekly chats, or just enjoy the company of others in your field. You can even network and find potential work. Check it out!

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Come Chat On Twitter With #MyBlogGuest!

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