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Co-citations vs Anchor Text Which Will Win During 2013?

Co-citations vs Anchor Text Which Will Win During 2013?

Everybody is getting ready for next page rank update. Whenever somebody thinks of linking, the word PR comes up in mind because we get or create quality back links to get a handsome PR. Keep this in your mind that PR has nothing to do with your traffic. Traffic is generated through quality content and a strong community. Since the start of blogging, anchor text has played a vital role when someone creates a backlink to his website. The more appropriate anchor text you have, the more you rank well in the SERPs. Co-citation is also a well-known technique that creates a backlink to your site or content, but you have to be more professional and unique to obtain co-citations. Many do not know the exact meaning of co-citations. The best definition of co-citations is below:

“The simultaneous linking to each of a group of webpages from each of another group of webpages, even though the members of the group do not link to each other; used by some search engines to establish a connection between related pages”

Google algorithm updates are designed so that they maintain your place in the SERPs. Google wants to show the most relevant and quality content which READERS LOVE TO READ. Let me explain the co-citations through an example. You are writing an article about how to jail break your iPhone, you have lots of subscribers local or out of country. There are many results, but readers want the correct information which can help them. You might tell them by giving a link to software website used for jail break. You can do this by telling them the best version of the software and best operating system. When you do this, you are linking or pointing to other websites. These links shall be called co-citations. Google will look at all the links. If they are relevant to each other, you will get a push up in your SERP position. I hope now you can understand why is this more important. Should we forget anchor text? Absolutely not, but we have to give more attention to co-citations because they are more praised by search engines than anchor text. This is because anchor text is placed by the owner themselves and co-citations are earned by your killer content.

How Anchor text Works ? And How To Use It In A Professional Way ?

The anchor text, link label, link text, or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can decide the ranking that the page will receive by search engines. Since 1998, some web browsers have added the ability to show a tool tip for a hyperlink before it is selected. Not all links have anchor texts because it may be obvious where the link will lead, due to the context in which it is used. Anchor texts normally remain below 60 characters. Different browsers will display anchor texts differently.

For example, SEJ is a good source for search marketing advice and tutorials. I link to search engine journal by using anchor text SEJ. I will be doing it wrong because I am not using anchor text properly. If I link back to search engine journal by using phrase like “best search marketing advice” and link to SEJ home page or any article about marketing advice, then search engines will praise this type of anchor text. If many websites use this type of anchor text, then SEJ position will be pumped up in SERPs for targeted keywords.

How To Earn Co-citations ?

Co-citations are more liked by search engines than anchor text because co-citations are earned, while anchor text is created by yourself. There are some professional steps to earn them fast so you can get maximum exposure for your site:

  1. Stay up to date
  2. Publish some thing new and unique
  3. Post about topics that are not covered yet
  4. Quality, Quality, Quality
  5. Never manipulate any one do it natural way

Which Will Win The Race ?

Slow and steady wins the race and in this case, both are slow and steady. You have to be calm and wait for the right time to take action. In my opinion and surveys I have made from different bloggers, co-citations work faster than anchor text, has more value than anchor text, and is created naturally. If you want to earn them, then you have lot of work to do. Anchor text is such a thing that cannot be given up because it has it’s own value, but co-citations are said to be more powerful than anchor text.

  1. If I am wrong at any point please correct me
  2. Are there any other professional techniques?
  3. What do you think about anchor text and co-citations?

Comments are more than welcome on this blog, so don’t hesitate and drop your precious comments down here. Till then stay blessed and happy linking 🙂

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Co-citations vs Anchor Text Which Will Win During 2013?

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