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Chat Emoticons Now Available on Facebook Comments

Facebook EmoticonsSource: Facebook Emoticons | Official Website

Last week, a number of users started noticing that Facebook Comments now supports chat emoticons. It doesn’t work on status update, although users and page owners can use and see it on the comment section.

The news started to surface when a Reddit user posted an image that shows a number of emoticons appearing on the social network’s comment area. There are a number of smiley faces and animal images available for chat emoticons, just like the (Y) symbol for a thumbs-up icon. More icons can also be found on Facebook Emoticons website.

Emoticons were previously available on chat and messages, but it appears as a set of punctuation marks and characters elsewhere on the network. It also doesn’t work on embedded comment feature on various websites.

Emoticons on Facebook Mobile Messenger

In relation to this, Facebook rolled out a number of emoticons to its mobile messenger app. However, it uses a different set of images that cannot be recreated in Web chat or comments. The update was released for Android smartphones last August, and it also includes event creation and multi-photo upload functionalities.

With this new Android update, users now have a streamlined way to create new events. This feature was not supported on native Facebook apps before, while the mobile site supports event creation with cumbersome design elements.

The latest Android app also supports multi-photo uploads, which works the same as the social network’s Camera app for iPhone. With this feature, users can now browse all photos on their device, tap a couple of images, and upload them at once.

Here’s the Catch: Facebook Chat Emoticons on Pages

Although Facebook now supports chat emoticons, not every page owner can use it. That will depend on a business’ voice. This means that this feature may or may not be appropriate for exchange of messages with fans.

Some users even think that it could be a distraction when reading texts on Facebook. However, it only shows that it is no longer a matter of text, but also of emoticons on the social network.

The reason the feature was added on the social media is still unknown. Despite the speculations about the negative implications or shortcomings of the feature, it is noteworthy to know that emoticons are now available on Facebook. How it will be used effectively by individuals or business pages will now depend on its users.

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Chat Emoticons Now Available on Facebook Comments

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