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ChaCha’s Human Powered Search Goes Mobile with TextChaCha

You got to give credit to ChaCha search for trying to compete with the major search engines through its own little ways. Although its human-powered search engine have not gained major grounds since its inception, but still it wouldn’t just give up easily. As an opening salvo for the new year,  ChaCha is bringing its human guides unto the mobile web via TextChaCha service.

TextChaCha lets users to text questions of any kind to “242242” and ChaCha’s human guides then send  out the answer through text on their mobile phones as well.Unlike mobile services provided by Yahoo OneSearch, Google’s 1-800-411-GOOG and just recently’s Click to Speak, TextChaCha offers not just directional information but a variety of information.ChaCha users can ask about the following information:

  • Dynamic information – sports scores, movie times, airline delays, weather, etc.
  • Local information – cheapest gas, shopping, recycling, pharmacy locations and more
  • Current events – business news updates, stock updates, world news, etc.
  •  General information – names and phone numbers for local businesses and residences
  •  Trivia — movie quotes, song lyrics, celebrity gossip and more

ChaCha CEO Scott A. Jones believes that knowledge is power and ChaCha is making this knowledge available on the mobile web via its new mobile service.

The ability to ask any question on your mobile phone at any time and receive the answer from a knowledgeable person was unheard of until now. We’re giving everyone with a text-enabled cell phone instant access to information at their fingertips.

As I said, we should all give credit to ChaCha for trying to slug it out with major search engine giants. It would be interesting to know how ChaCha would pull this one through or not.

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ChaCha’s Human Powered Search Goes Mobile with TextChaCha

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