Canada Revenue Agency Wastes Tax Dollars On Broken Ad Campaign

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We see this happen with more amateurish ad campaigns, but seriously, the ad agency and web developers running this campaign for Canada Revenue Agency should know better. The page you send visitors to from Hockey Night in Canada ads and from your website needs to EXIST.

The page is supposed to be at . Oopsies! returns a 404 Not Found error. returns a 404 Not Found error.

If you look at the last paragraph of text in this next screenshot, you’ll see that it directs people to that URL. I tried to find the video ads online to embed, but they don’t appear to be online.

The official press release and video ads on CBC direct Canadians to that URL.

The official press release and video ads on CBC direct Canadians to that URL.

For those of you not interested in this bit on the broken ad campaign, the information you probably want is at which is the official Canada Revenue Agency website – e.g. the tax branch of our government.

[Note, at the time of printing the 404 error was being served. Currently in the US, I am receiving a readable webpage – Loren]

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  • Wes

    Fixed now, but nice slip-up all the same. That’s a pretty big thing to overlook.

  • Gab Goldenberg

    I take credit for helping our government’s ad agency/web dev team plug their booboo

  • Santiago

    That’s just another example of the CRA spending money to TRY to grab more money from people. They are advertising like crazy like ” Maximize your tax return” and then giving you lame advice… so you get the lowest tax return possible.

    I even heard that they hired recollection companies to do nasty calls. Not very pro for a government group.