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Buying and Selling Social Media Profiles?

Last week I stumbled across an interesting service that allows to buy-sell social media accounts. It is called Assetize and apparently functions as an auction.

You can search accounts by categories (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc) or by account name and tags:


Note: plenty of them are also going to get you into trouble:

Assertize Trademark

This whole thing about buying selling social media accounts causes some mixed feelings in me.

On the one hand, it reminds me of the joke that if I had a wayback machine, I would go back in time and register domain – with the only difference that with Twitter I had a real chance to do something like that because I actually witnessed it appear and rise. So why didn’t I register a bunch of delicious accounts then like and, etc?

Ok, on a serious note, is buying and selling social media accounts ethical? I mean most of those listed have friends and followers (which makes the accounts even more expensive)… It’s like buying and selling people! Isn’t social media much more than just a cool account name?

What are your thoughts?

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Buying and Selling Social Media Profiles?

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