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Build Links and Manage Reputation with your Resume

I already had a few words to say on indirect link building where you promote pages that link back to your site. The technique appeals to me due to several reasons:

  • it is more or less risk-free;
  • you are able to control the link juice you own;
  • it is free (but really time consuming);
  • it is very flexible: you can change the link patterns to your liking any time.

A few days ago Linkbuildr suggested building links with your resume (that can also be a good link power source hosted at third-party domain) and I eagerly share the tip with SEJ readers and offer a few sample sites where you can host your resume:

1. “connects people with skills with the people who need them”.

  • has “all profiles” page linking to all profiles by category: that means all resumes get indexed even without your external links;
  • each profile can be tagged (more keywords and search opportunities).

2. is a free resume builder with a number of great features:

  • has “popular resumes” and “recent resume” sections linked from the home page that also get your resume indexed without your additional efforts;
  • a profile is created at a separate subdomain:;
  • both “resume” and “profile” pages allow for direct links;
  • summary” section allows for in-text links (with any anchor text you specify).

3. apart from a few great resume building options (profile photos, availability graph) enables you to search add a direct link to your site. Profile pages are indexed due to links from the home page.

Apart from links, your well-structured resume will also help with your online reputation management and probably connect you with like-minded people and industry-related companies.

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Build Links and Manage Reputation with your Resume

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