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Black Hat SEO Lessons: Indirect Promotion

I’ve always said that instead of getting angry with black hat SEOs, we should learn from them. Working and often succeeding in really competitive verticals, these people are just forced to be creative.

We’ve had a number of discussions recently on how black-hats take advantage of trusted domains to promote their websites. Here is a quick example: #4 for [viagra] in Google (!).

Indirect Promotion

The technique is really easy to follow:

  • comment at a relevant blogspot post;
  • promote your comment page with hundreds of inlinks.

A deep page hosted at a trusted domain ensures that you are not put under radar; and you will promote it free of fear of being caught as a spammer. The ‘nofollowed’ link from a trusted domain won’t give you any ‘link juice’ but it will result in a flow of ‘indirect’ search traffic for a really competitive term.

What we, white hats (as we like to call ourselves), can learn from this lesson:

  • Make use of indirect promotion: grow the power of pages linking to your site – by doing this you will not only indirectly promote your site but also strengthen your positions. Besides, with this method you are free to experiment without the risk to lose your main website.
  • Take advantage of free hosted services (especially the ones owned by Google). Create several supporting blogs and sites hosted on free trusted domains and servers to steadily grow your power.

Both the tactics have several important advantages:

  • they are comparatively risk-free;
  • you are able to control the link juice you own;
  • they are mostly free (all you need is hard work);
  • they are hard to catch.

Please, note, I am not encouraging you to abuse the tactic or turn into a black hat; however the technique described above can be freely used in a ‘good’ moderate way.

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Black Hat SEO Lessons: Indirect Promotion

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