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Branded vs Non-Branded Organic CTRs on Desktop, Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Branded vs Non-Branded Organic CTRs on Desktop, Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s AdLift’s latest study on Google Organic Click Through Rates in 2014. The click-through rate is defined as the number of clicks on an organic listing (ranking URL) divided by the number of times the organic listing is shown (impressions), expressed as a percentage. For example, if an organic listing shows up 100 times for a keyword “hotels” and its clicked on 10 times – the CTR is 10%.

We analyzed 160k keywords across 400 websites to collate this data. We’ve segmented data based on four industries in our data set: E-Commerce, Travel, Finance, and Internet (primarily consisting of B2B companies that didn’t fit in the other three categories).

Click Through Rates have further been segmented based on Brand vs. Non Brand across each industry. In addition, we’ve analyzed data for both Desktop Click Though Rates and Mobile.

I’ll let the infographic do the rest of the talking! 🙂

Google CTR Study

Infographic by AdLift. Used with permission.


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