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Bloglines Adds International RSS Feed Reading

Bloglines Adds International RSS Feed Reading

Bloglines, an online service for searching and subscribing to news feeds, blogs and rich web content today unveiled an internationalized web site that allows people who speak Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish to join and navigate the Bloglines service in their native languages. Bloglines is the first RSS service to embrace consumers in multiple languages, extending its reach to more than 500 million web surfers whom comprise 60% of the world’s estimated internet users.

“A significant percentage of RSS feed and blog content in our index of more than 200 million items is published in languages other than English, and that figure is increasing rapidly,” said Mark Fletcher, founder and CEO of Bloglines. “We know the conversation building around RSS feeds and blogs is a global one, and we’re taking action to make it easy for everyone to discover new voices and new information sources in Bloglines, in their native tongues.”

The new language support extends Bloglines’ existing preferred language feature and automatic translation tools. With today’s launch, Bloglines has internationalized the entire framework of its service, including the home page, navigation screens, and all the help menus and user tips.

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Bloglines Adds International RSS Feed Reading

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