Blogging 101: 5 Unique Ideas for a New Blog Post

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5 Unique Ideas for a New Blog Post | Search Engine Journal

Creativity is a key trait a marketer must have to succeed online. We need to come up with content that makes the crowd say “wow” when they read it. While it is not impossible to get done, many people are still unable to achieve it.

I admit its hard to consistently come up with valuable ideas. I always try to find interesting articles online by reading content posted at sites like,,, and

All published articles on those websites are high-quality with valuable information for the readers. But sometimes the content just doesn’t have that “wow” factor when I read it.

  • Is it because the industry has an overload of content for various topics?
  • Is it because we lack of creativity when it comes to topic ideation?
  • Is it because there is nothing else to show anymore?

I definitely don’t think any of those are true. So to help jump-start your brainstorming on developing awesome blog posts, here’s my list of ideas:

5 Unique Ideas for a New Blog Post | Search Engine Journal

Be Sensitive to What You Watch

Wherever you look there is a potential content idea to take advantage of, but we still often miss the opportunity.

For instance, this Moz article discusses a case study of a travel industry site. More than 100 editorial links from high publication websites were earned through content marketing efforts.

The idea is to find something in your industry that remains unexplored in a contextual format.

So if you are in a travel blog and your audience are fascinated into shows like this, wouldn’t you want to write a post about this certain topic?


  • Find good piece of attraction in your industry
  • Write a post about it


  • You are in the pet industry
  • List down top 5 meet-up places of dog owners in your area

Be Sensitive to Seasonal Events

There are several blog post opportunities in time sensitive industries. People go crazy about it when the season is approaching. They will do research to make their participation unique and stand out.

The users initial action is to search online. Be sure you have already prepared the information they need beforehand. By doing this, you can promote your content that can earn user engagement.


  • Ask people in your industry of the much awaited event happening yearly.
  • Write a post about it.


  • You are in pet industry
  • There is a parade or show happening in 2016 in your area.
  • 10 participants Interviewed for Dog parade in Seattle 2016.

Pro Tip: Create the content two months before the upcoming event.

Be Sensitive of What You Read

Reading can give you ideas that you can use for your next blog post. In fact, I got this blog post idea from MakeAWebsiteHub. There is no complete list in blog post ideas.

The idea is to educate yourself by reading and come up with unique ideas you can use. Think of the SEO tools article written by Brian Dean of Backlinko. If you are in the social media industry, graphics industry or writing industry, you can replicate this idea to your own industry.


  • Find list-type articles in a neighborhood industry
  • Write content similar to it in your industry


  • You write an article about 10 weird behaviors of cats at night
  • You can write about 10 weird behavior of dogs at night

Pro Tip: Look for list-type content that has been viral in their industry. See how you can use it for your benefit.

Be Sensitive of Recent Trends

Industry trends are definitely a good source of topic ideas. People in your industry will be talking about it–and searching for it. This could be a good chance of driving massive traffic to a website because virality is next to it.

If you can, provide your own piece of content that does not look boring. You can make your website become a go-to when it comes to recent trends.

Make your blog post impressive. Provide insightful insightful information such as asking questions to experts in your industry.

You can do this by:

  • Sending them a personalized emails asking their personal opinion about certain trends.
  • Ask the experts on social networks
  • Ask people in your communities

Pro Tip: Outreach is difficult. Especially if you don’t know how to start. Here are a list of “don’ts” when doing email outreach campaigns that might help.


  • Check recent trends in your industry
  • Write a post about it in collaboration with industry experts


  • You are in pet industry
  • You recently read a unique article in your industry (ie. Robotic Cats for Elderly Women)
  • Ask experts in your industry about their thoughts. But don’t forget to add your own thoughts, too!

Create a Potential Trend

Creating your own trending content in your industry can be challenging. You need to get full attention of your audience and have them talk about your content. While this is not easy to do, the results you can get will be one of a kind.

The idea is to come up with a piece of content that no one in your industry has provided. This can skyrocket your visibility when people start talking about the content you developed.


  • Find what’s missing in your industry
  • Write a piece of content about it


  •  You are in the pet industry
  • Create an interactive and embeddable content to offer in your industry.

Final Word

Having new blog post ideas is a must. You can’t live long enough without adding new ideas to the table. Having these five blog topic ideas in mind should be enough kick start your content creation process. Don’t just sit in front of your computer, go out there and observe your industry!


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Joseph Cruz
Joseph Gojo Cruz is the author of RankingElite, co founder and head of operations at SharpRocket. Joseph has been working in online marketing industry for over 3 years from website audit, link and content development, social media and search engine optimization. Connect with Joseph on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Joseph is also a contributor on Ahrefs.
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  • Chenzo

    Great advice Joseph – if can’t write a few posts after reading your ideas – there is no hope ;o)

  • Olena Eaton

    My blogging go-to sources for growth are Jon Morrow and Neil Patel. They are excellent teachers and consistently inspire creativity.

  • Roger Rogerson

    Some nice, and varied, approaches there ūüėÄ

    Add in … your views about X, your personal experiences of X, how you can approach X like a Y would, where you think X might go/lead in the future … and you generally have a nice stock of general topics to refine and work from.

    The hard part is making things, as you say, “wow”.
    And that’s a varied formula. Part of the mix is your audience. The higher your audiences knowledge/experience, the harder it is to obtain that peak (where as for laymen (and laywomen :D), and those with lesser experience, it’s often easier).
    Depth, breadth, detail … these can and do help as well.
    Then there’s the “art” – the ability to lead people in and along, the use of rythm, cadence and variation. Short phrases. Exclamations. Lengthy aand detailed sequences that pull the reader along in a current whilst helping them a real feel for the piece they are reading. Lots of rhetoric methods to play with and use to good effect.

    But personally, what makes me go “wow” is ………. insights.
    Sure, style, tone, approach and details are nice … as are some good images.
    But it’s the angle the author takes that does it for me.

    It’s the one area that just about everyone should be able to excel – inputting their own perceptions and experiences. Adding their own colour to the mix. Add their own personality, and you are getting much closer to that “wow” ūüėÄ

  • Jay Behm

    Great job Joseph. All the points are brilliantly described and now I am ready to write a blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Subbareddy

    It’s hard to provide valuable idea that’s worth a thousand dollar. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s a list of how you can find blog post ideas.