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Blocking Google Analytics Tracking

Blocking Google Analytics Tracking

The free launch of Google Analytics is a great thing for many smaller web publishers and bloggers, who could not afford services such as Webtrends or Urchin, and is sure to lead to widespread adoption around the site publishing industry, as well as privacy concerns. Google Analytics is also probably part of a grandscale attempt to profile the web, tracking user behavior from site to site along with giving site owners an indepth view on where their traffic comes from – and what those users do once they reach a web site.

However, not all web users like having their unique user details made available to publishers, bloggers, and even Google. If you are one of these ultra privacy concerned users, then Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration has some info which may be of use to you.

By placing the following line of text into a computer’s Windows Hosts file, users can block Google Analytics from referral and behavior tracking:

# [Google Inc]

Amit notes : “Google Analytics downloads a small javascript urchin.js (Google Analytics Urchin Module) on the client’s computer which reports the all the tracking and analyzing data about the visitor back to Google. By adding the above line, we have effectively blocked our browser from downloading the urchin.js file.”

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Blocking Google Analytics Tracking

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