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Blekko Releases New Premium SEO Tools

SEO Tools

SEO ToolsBlekko, the user curated search, launched a new suite of SEO tools to give developers and websites unparalleled data for improving site traffic.  The new SEO suite has a redesigned user interface and several new features.  Users of the new tool set will have Adsense and IP hosting information, inbound links organized by category, page analysis, SEO report cards, and much more right at their fingertips.

“The mission behind Blekko has always been to offer full transparency on the web,” said Rich Skrenta, CEO of Blekko, “Blekko’s premium SEO tools give developers unique and often privately kept data about web domain content. Unlike other search engine analytic tools which only show general data on inbound links, our premium SEO tools provide full data reports that can be used to compare SEO stats between sites and direct SEO access from Blekko search result pages.”

One of only four companies that can index the entire web, the Blekko search engine performs 120 million searches per month through the 20 billion pages it has indexed. Blekko offers a user-curated search experience that let searchers drill down into vertical categories. Combined with Blekko’s commitment to providing high-quality, the data it collects is highly relevant, spam-free,  and precise.


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Blekko Releases New Premium SEO Tools

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