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Socialbakers Reveal Key Black Friday Analytics on Facebook

80.6% of retailers will use Facebook to promote in-store deals, up from 73.7% last year. See how Victoria's Secret, Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Macy's perform.

Key Facebook analytics for top 5 US retailers.

Retailers are no longer using just traditional advertising to get the word out to customers about in-store offers and deals, they are also using online vehicles such as Facebook and Twitter, and are employing mobile strategies as well.

One of the main vehicles to show these promotions is Facebook, and Socialbakers has just revealed key data from America’s top 5 retail shops: Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and, Macy’s. The data confirms’s prediction that 80.6 percent of retailers will use Facebook to alert shoppers about in-store deals, up from 73.7 percent last year.

Key Facebook analytics for top 5 US retailers.

The data reveals that Walmart gained a massive number of fans on its Facebook page in the last 30 days, growing from 10 580 258 to 25 027 711. Socialbakers believe that Walmart came on top because they promised guaranteed in-stock items, rollback prices, and bonus gift cards with certain purchases.

Target had the highest fan base response rate, and used gift-card giveaways to boost fan traffic. In the last 30 days, Walmart came in second with a 51% response rate, Kohl’s following closely with a 50% rate, Victoria’s Secret, with a 37% and Macy’s, coming in last with a 5% response rate.

These are interesting statistics, showing important trends in online shopping. According to’s eHoliday survey conducted the number of online retailers that offer special promotions during the Thanksgiving weekend is up from 90.2 percent last year, to 97.3 percent in 2012. 45.7 percent will offer specific online deals on Thanksgiving Day. The same survey showed that three in 10 (29.0%) retailers will promote their in-store Black Friday deals with mobile alerts, up significantly from the 18.4 percent who planned to do so last year.

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Socialbakers Reveal Key Black Friday Analytics on Facebook

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